HORRIFIC TRAGEDY: Two Sisters R”L Killed By A Truck In Chareidi Kehilla In Antwerp


A terrible tragedy occurred in the Chareidi community in Antwerp, Belgium on Tuesday morning when two sisters crossing the street in the Jewish quarter were run over and killed by a truck.

The accident occurred when a truck turned onto a main street lined with shuls and Jewish stores and failed to notice the two sisters in the crosswalk, crossing the street after the light turned green.

The sisters were identified as Hindel Adler, a’h, age 9, and her sister Gittel, a’h, age 1.5, from a well-known family of six children belonging to the Gerrer community in the city. Their father, Reb Gavriel Adler, is one of the heads of the kehilla.

Hatzolah of Antwerp quickly arrived at the scene but sadly could do nothing but determine the girls’ deaths. Meanwhile, the police closed the streets near the scene of the accident.

The police have opened an investigation into the circumstances of the incident. The driver is in shock and is being treated at the hospital. He will be questioned when his condition improves.

Two brothers in yeshiva are on the way home for the levaya which will be held on Tuesday afternoon.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. We are still reeling in shock from the unspeakable tragedy of the demise of a 60 year old gentleman from from Far Rockaway, which occurred in Yardley PA, in a car crash on his way back from Mincho Maariv to his hotel, where his wife & daughter were awaiting his return, which is unfathomable, that it hasn’t been reported on YWN.

  2. I don’t know if Belgian has the crosswalk law like in NY and NJ. But if anyone wants to watch horrific accidents regarding the crosswalk can do a simple search on YouTube. The law started in Russia and has killed many. For some reason, the good doers decide to follow.