WATCH: Arab Doctor Tries To Stab Police Officer In Old City Of J-m

Stabbing attempt in Old City of Jerusalem on Friday. (Israel Police screenshot)

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An Arab attempted to stab a Border Police officer near Lion’s Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem on Friday.

A video of the incident shows the Arab running after the officer and other officers at the scene quickly reacting by shooting and neutralizing the terrorist, who later died of his injuries.

One officer was lightly injured in his foot by a ricochet of one of the bullets fired at the terrorist.

The Arab was later identified as Dr. Hazem al-Giulani, director of the Ryan College of Complementary Medicine in East Jerusalem.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. GREAT footage! This is what every Arab really has in his heart. This fiend was a doctor, he trained for many years. He had no compunction to using his smarts to harm people. The officer should be promoted for saving the lives of many whom This sub human could have potentially harmed going forward.