Israel: 13 Unvaccinated Pregnant & Postpartum Women In Serious Condition

Illustrative (Screenshot (Kan News)

There’s been an increase in recent days in the number of pregnant and postpartum women hospitalized in Israel after contracting the coronavirus.

As of Wednesday, there were 39 pregnant women and 24 postpartum women with the coronavirus in hospitals across Israel.

Thirteen of the women are in serious condition, four of whom are ventilated and one of whom is attached to an ECMO machine. All 13 women in serious condition are completely unvaccinated.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Tragic. But with respect YWN, you fail to mention how many vaccinated pregnant women are in serious condition as well. The Israeli Bureu of Statistics says that 64% of ICU patients are fully vaccinated.

    How many of these individuals as well as many of the other serious cases discussed in the media, did not vaccinate ** b/c they had already had virus **? This would go along way to confirming whether having had the virus is a antidote and for how long?
    * Interesting why this information is never included.