WATCH: Rav Berel Lazar Jumps, Dances With Thousands Of Mispallelim In Moscow

Chief Rabbi of Russia Rav Berel Lazar speaks after Ne'ilah on Yom Kippur.

Thousands of Jews joined the Yom Kippur tefillos at the main shul in Moscow, the Marina Roscha shul.

After Ne’ilah, the Chief Rabbi of Russia, HaRav Berel Lazar, spoke works of hisorerus and and jumped and danced with the mispallelim at the end of the emotional tefillah followed by singing “Napoleon’s” March” as is the Chabad Minhag.

The Marina Roscha shul, which has 2,000 seats, is part of the vast Moscow Jewish Public Center, with 7,2000 square meters of spacious rooms, including a library, a concert hall, an art gallery, and many classrooms, where a variety of classes and club meetings are held.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This seems quite exaggerated. What we see and hear in the video is a much smaller group than thousands. Usually Lazar doesn’t have such big crowds at his congregation, look online at other events there that are better documented and you will be able to see that.

  2. Not only is R’ Lazar a big tzadik and talmid chacham, he is a brilliant politician who has managed to maintain an an incredibly positive relationship with the Putin government for yidden in Russia and push back some of the virulent anti-antisemitism lurking within the Russian bureaucracy at the local/regional levels and the Russian Orthodox church hierachy. He and all of our brethren in Russia should have a shanah tovah.