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National Service Option Door is Closing on Chareidim

idffWhile one of the ‘share the burden’ options available to chareidi is an approved national service, that option will no longer be available come December 1, 2013, in about 20 days.

Shalom Jerbi, who heads the National Service Authority, reminds MKs that if the new chareidi draft law, the one replacing the Tal Law is not passed by month’s end, his authority’s mandate expires and he will no longer be legally permitted to accept chareidi volunteers.

Srugim quotes Jerbi stating he fears if this occurs, and at present it appears likely, the impressive progress made, which is evident by the sharp increase in the number of chareidi volunteers, will be lost. He feels “the damage that will result will be irreparable”.

Jerbi explains that an induction candidate that turns to his authority to check out the national service option will be told “Sorry but this is no longer an option”.

Jerbi turned to MK Ayelet Shaked, who heads the committee finalizing the bill to prepare it for its second and third readings, to use “the full force of your influence to have the law passed by month’s end to avoid dire consequences.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

2 Responses

  1. ‘share the burden’ as in ‘share the burd’en peyot’ is a perfect description of what the Zionists are really after.

    ‘the new chareidi draft law’ only blinded people don’t see the racism in this when thousands of chilonim dodge the draft and no Arabs are being drafted.

    Waiting for civil war between the sitra achra in the Zionist government and lehavdel the kedusha which will Be’Ezrat Hashem cause the Zionist Erev Rav to completely be annihilated.

  2. The “national service” was ineffective in its primary goal of undermining the frum community. Therefore they need to replace with something more effective. The goal is to destroy the hareidi community, and the sooner we realize it the sooner we realize that actions stronger than whining are called for.

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