Government Ordered Building Freeze Throughout Yehuda & Shomron


constnWhile the national government denies reports it has agreed to another construction freeze in Yehuda and Shomron, the weekly BaSheva newspaper reports this is exactly what has occurred.

The report states that since the resumption of talks between Israel and the PA (Palestinian Authority), the IDF Civil Administration under the guise of an numerous technical issues, has halted all new construction plans. The administration is not using the words “construction freeze” but is carefully following orders, finding many a reason to delay the approval of many building projects that should have already received a stamp of approval.

Perhaps the most veteran builder of yishuvim, Ze’ev Chever, known affectionately as “Zambish”, reports that the officials in the Civil Administration have been instructed to lie and that is just what they are doing. Heading the Amana settlement body Zambish explains that after being stonewalled he has learned what is taking place and why construction is not moving forward.

After probing the matter, it appears the order was given by Yaakov Amidror, who stepped down recently as the national security advisor.

Officials in the Civil Administration refuse to confirm or deny the facts contained in the report.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Silly Games This Government Plays!

    At least construction of new homes in Ramat Beit Shemesh Mishkafayim & Mem 3 are continuing as planned with construction already underway.

  2. Good for them. Rav Shach allways opposed settelment construction. It inflames tensions and crerates hatred. If the land must be held for security reasons let the Army stay there.

  3. Bennett preferred the release of the terrorists over another construction freeze. He has no problem destroying Torah and Yeshivot and budgets cutting. Has Bennett done anything positive for Israel? Why in the world has his party elected him as head? Could someone honestly be dan lekaf zchut this man who allies himself with the head rasha?