Palestinian Intended To Stab Jews Before Yom Kippur, Mistakenly Stabs Arab

Scene of the attack. (Israel Police)

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An Arab resident of the Palestinian Authority was arrested an hour before Yom Kippur for carrying out a suspected terror attack in Yafo. Shortly afterward, it became apparent that the terrorist mistakenly stabbed an Arab-Israeli instead of a Jew.

A large number of police forces arrived at the scene of the “terror attack,” and arrested the Palestinian, who later admitted that he intended to stab Jews.

The Arab victim, a resident of Yafo in his 40s, was seriously injured in the attack, which took place in a public park. He was evacuated to Wolfson Hospital in Holon for medical treatment.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. BS”D
    If you tell me the victim is a terrorist I will jump for joy that he was stabbed and is seriously injured.
    The Israeli government should have expelled all of the Arabs.
    However, you are writing about an INDIVIDUAL, WHOSE DEEDS YOU DO NOT KNOW.
    Therefore it is inappropriate and in very poor taste to describe his stabbing as a chasdei HaShem.

  2. You totally missed the point.

    The “Chasdei Hashem” was meant that the Terrorist did not stab a fellow Yid. This is regardless of how pious the Arab victim might be.

  3. No one is happy that an Arab was stabbed, and we all wish him a refuah shelayma. We all wish that the stabbings were a thing of the past and we can all live in peace, prosperity, happiness and brotherhood. Israel treats ALL victims equally and even the perpetrators are given the best care possible (without consideration of cost, did you read the pampered conditions at the jails that those who broke out of? ). Israel wants good for everyone. The sad thing is that the terrorist DIDNT CARE if he stabbed a Jew or Arab.