Israel: Critically Ill Patients Are Young, 8 Unvaccinated Young Patients On ECMOs

Illustrative. A coronavirus patient attached to an ECMO machine. (Soroka Medical Center spokesperson)

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Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Nachman Ash said on Motzei Shabbos that unlike the past when most seriously ill coronavirus patients were older, there is now a growing number of seriously ill younger coronavirus patients aged 35 and above.

According to a Kan News report, eight coronavirus patients between the ages of 35 and 40 are currently critically ill and attached to life support machines — all of whom are unvaccinated and most of whom have no underlying health issues.

Health officials are concerned by the rise in the number of younger critically ill patients, saying that the data supports the hypothesis that the Delta variant is more virulent than previous variants.

The Health Ministry confirmed on Sunday morning that the total number of coronavirus patients in serious condition has risen to 726, of whom 195 are ventilated. Seventeen additional fatalities were confirmed over the weekend, raising the death toll to 7,511.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It is understood that beginning with the delta variant, the injured are essentially all people who took a covid-shot previously. (They have conveniently defined ‘vaccinated’ to include only those who are current with the recommended schedule – which excluded those developing ‘delta’ effects, and also eliminated as ‘vaccinated’ anyone who has taken a covid shot within 14 days (any adverse reactions will be thus recorded as ‘unvaccinated’). Believe it or not.

  2. Several doctors from the Food and Drug administration’s (FDA) vaccine hearing on Friday claimed in explosive testimony that the COVID-19 vaccine is killing more people than it’s saving and is driving the coronavirus mutations like the so-called ‘Delta’ variant.

    During that hearing, Dr. Steve Kirsch, director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, claimed that the injections are killing more people than they’re helping.

    “I’m going to focus my remarks today on the elephant in the room that nobody likes to talk about: that the vaccines kill more people than they save,” Kirsch said via teleconference.

    “We were led to believe that vaccines were perfectly safe. But this is simply not true.”

    “For example, there are four times as many heart attacks in the treatment group in the Pfizer 6-month trial report,” Kirsch continued. “That wasn’t bad luck. VAERS shows heart attacks happened 71x more often following these vaccines compared to any other vaccine.”

    “In all 20 people died who got the drug, 14 died who got the placebo. Few people noticed that. If the net all-cause mortality from the vaccine is negative, vaccines, boosters, and mandates are all nonsensical.”

    “Even if the vaccines had a 100% protection, it still means we killed two people to save one life,” he added.

    Kirsch also explained that in nursing home death data shows about half the vaccinated died, while none of the unvaccinated died.

    Viral immunologist and biologist Dr. Jessica Rose noted that, based on the VAERS data, the vaccine risks outweigh the benefits in young people, especially children, pointing to a thousand-fold increase in adverse reactions to the injection in 2021 compared to over the last decade.

    “There’s an over 1000% increase in the total number of adverse events for 2021 and we are not done with 2021,” Rose said.