Jerusalem: 2 Unvaxxed Chareidi Pregnant Women Critically Ill With COVID, Sedated & Ventilated

Photo: Sheba Hospital spokesperson

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Two Chareidi pregnant women, both in their 20s, are hospitalized in critical condition, sedated and ventilated, in a Jerusalem hospital after contracting COVID.

The women, both from the same neighborhood in Jerusalem, were unvaccinated.

In recent weeks, a COVID outbreak has been noted in a number of neighborhoods in central Jerusalem.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. By now, YWN, public health officials, rabbonim and askanim have done all they can to communicate the importance of vaccination and the high-level of protection it offers against infection and reinfection, even for those who previously had Covid. Its sad to see so many young men and women in ICUs destined for either a slow death or what is being referred to as “long-Covid” (a variety of debilitating long-term lingering medical conditions) for most of those who survive ventilation but in most cases, its the predictable outcome of their mindless VAX-denial syndrome. At some point its really hard to have great empathy for their self-inflicted suffering, especially when their selfish decisions have pushed the health care system to a breaking point and we are seeing innocent individuals with serious illnesses dying unnecessarily from inability to obtain timely medical care at hospitals filled with Covid patients.

  2. The better scientific consensus, first of all, is that the immune system based ailments that are actually occurring around the globe and legitimately being called ‘Covid’ are actually a type of ‘radiation poisoning’ that is due to the tremendous new wave of 5G and other wireless (including the myriads of satellites) now releasing milli-microwave radiation waves on neighborhoods everywhere (although less in areas where there is a 5G moratorium or where it is regulated against). Governments should be protecting people against these rollouts instead of partnering with telecomm industry for it.

    Secondly, the vaccines are releasing a synthetic virus into its recipients, and when these unfortunate folks succumb to ‘covid’ symptoms, if they are no longer current with the ‘vaccine schedule decrees’, they are not even considered worthy of being considered ‘vaccinated’ any longer. The hospitals and others who insult and cajole the populance to continue to ‘vaccinate’ are actually mostly using the previously vaccinated to prove the converse point of the vaccine’s dangers – though through the change of rhetoric, this is not apparent.

    The vaccinated ill have become the grease to spin the allopathic and tyrannical wheels of unscientific and untrustworthy medicine – as it is now mostly practiced in Israel and its greedy secular zionistic plotters.

  3. Is anyone aware that Israel changed the definition recently of “vaccinated”?
    Going forward, anyone without a vaccine within six months is considered unvaccinated
    This means all their new data is one big lie
    They are pretending that all these double vaxxed people are not vaccinated
    So be aware when u read anything regarding Israel
    One big propaganda lie
    Majority of the country is vaxxed
    Third of country is triple
    It ain’t helping them much