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Inspectors Nab 3 Tons of Treif Meat in Israel

meatnEvery time there is a report that inspectors intercept a load of treif meat heading to the Israeli marketplace, one can only wonder how many shipments are undetected.

In the latest bust, Ministry of Agriculture inspectors apprehended a shipment of no less than three tons of poultry and lamb that was killed without supervision, apparently on its way to stores in the northern area of the country. The meat was being transported in unsanitary conditions and was also regarded as a health hazard.

The report stated that a third of the meat originated in PA (Palestinian Authority) areas and the remainder from illegal slaughter in Israel.

Roy Klieger, who heads the ministry’s enforcement unit, reports they were acting on a tip that permitted agents to apprehend vehicles transporting the tainted meats. The confiscated meat will be destroyed by the ministry.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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