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Chabad Shaliach in Ukraine Begging Israeli Government for Assistance

nnnChabad shluchim in Ukraine do not feel safe amid growing anti-Semitism despite increased efforts by local police. Two pig heads were placed in a shul a number of days ago in Sevastopol, a city in Ukraine, Maariv reported.

“There are anti-Semitic groups who claim Ukraine belongs to the Christians and therefore, there is no place for Jews in the country,” stated MK (Yesh Atid) Yoel Rozbozov, who chairs the Knesset Absorption Committee.

The rav of the local kehilla, Rav Binyamin Wolf was taking part in the Kenos Shluchim in 770 when that attack occurred. Speaking with the Maariv website “nrg”, Wolf explained “They phoned me to inform me that two pig heads were placed in our shul during the night. We are talking about a group of anti-Semites who do not feel Jews have a place in the Ukraine. They are doing everything they can to prevent the opening of our shul, which is in the final stages of construction. They are doing their utmost including hold their own ‘tefilos’ outside the shul, which they believe disturbs us but we will not give in.”

Sevastopol is a Ukrainian port city on the coast of the Black Sea. The rav explains there are about 10,000 Jews in that city. “I do not feel safe here” adds Wolf, an Israeli citizen on shlichus. “I have been attacked more than once. Two months ago I got a concussion from being hit on my head by members of that same group. They curse us on the street constantly”.

“We are living with danger day to day. One may walk the streets of Israel without fear of attack of being verbally assaulted but why is this not the case in the Ukraine?”

During his conversation with MK Rozbozov Rabbi Wolf asked him to send a message to the Government of Israel. “I do not understand why the government does not protect us. Why aren’t efforts being made to permit Jews to live around the world in peace and tranquility? I am begging, please; assist us to combat the rising anti-Semitism in the Ukraine so Jews can live a good peaceful life.”

The Sevastopol Jewish community hopes to soon open its three-story shul building which will be the center for Rabbi Wolf and his shluchim. MK Rozbozov contacted Israeli Ambassador to the Ukraine Hennadii Nadolenko to apply pressure on local police. He condemned the situation and responded that the problem is not with local government. Rozbozov concluded the matter is a most serious one which must be totally uprooted.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. The JDO needs to start up again and take some former Israeli military guys big and tough and martial arts experts to go there to defend the Jews.

    Once some of these violent nazis’ heads start getting bashed in then the Ukranian police will start getting involved, especially if they take videos and put them on Jew Tube (yes there really is a website called Jewtube, or at least there was, last time I checked).

  2. ah wonderful Ukraine, noted for its vast treasures of antisemitism and violence. One of the wonder sites of the world: people come to visit to see just how stupid the Christian world can be.

  3. Big chiddush-the Ukranians are anti-semites. The chabad shliach should pack up and go back to Israel. His chabad house is riling up the savages and probably jepordizing all of the jews in the city. Chabad has to learn to look at the wider ramifications of their actions and not just focus on getting their menorah out there or their chabad house built. ..

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