Edan Atias HYD, the Soldier Murdered in Terror Attack


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imageThe IDF spokesman announced a short time ago the IDF soldier murdered in the stabbing attack on board a bus in Afula today was Private Edan Atias HY”D, 19, a resident of Upper Nazareth.

The soldier was on the Egged bus traveling from his home community to Tel Aviv. the bus made a stopover in Afula. When the bus entered the Afula Central Bus Station, the attacker, Hussein Jawadra, of the PA village of Dir el-Basha near Jenin, stabbed him in his upper torso numerous times. While police reported the terrorist’s age as “a male in his 20s” earlier, it is now being reported he is 16-years-old. He is in custody and the knife used in the attack has been recovered.

An IDF officer and other passengers overpowered the terrorist and held him until police arrived.

The MDA response was very quick as a paramedic unit was in the immediate area. The victim was transported to HaEmek Hospital where he was taken immediately for emergency surgery but life-saving efforts were unsuccessful.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. B’DH! May Ha-Shem Yinkom Damav! May all the family and klal Yisrael be comforted and may his heiliger neshama be a meilitz yashar for everyone!

  2. Bde. Hashem yinkum domeiy. They should give this 16 year old piece of zevel the death penalty and deport his family to some arab cesspool country.

    I am saddened and sickened.