WATCH IT: In Bizarre Stunt, Shas MK Meows At PM Bennett After MK Litzman Calls Coalition “Dogs”


Shas MK Moshe Abutbul made cat meowing sounds during a speech on the state budget being delivered by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, even pulling out a cat doll to illustrate his point.

Abutbul’s stunt was a reference to a clause in the state budget that would allocate 12 million shekels to neuter stray cats across Israel, a proposal that the opposition has repeatedly mocked.

The Shas MK’s move came just two days after United Torah Judaism chief Yaakov Litzman came under fire for calling leaders of the current government coalition “dogs” while speaking of the same proposal.

“I don’t know much about cats. But this is the first time I’ve seen dogs give something to cats,” Litzman said.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. If these clowns represent daas torah in the knesset, then you have to wonder whether they those they purport to represent have a clue whats going on. Both sides are obviously sinking to depths that should be an embarrassment to their constituents.

  2. Neutering, from the Latin neuter, is the removal of an animal’s reproductive organs, part or whole. The term is often used in reference to males. This is a Torah level prohibition, and one should not sell a male animal to a non-Jew and plan to buy it back from him or her if it becomes neutered while in their possession.

    Spaying is the removal of a female animal’s reproductive organs, either all of it or a considerably large part. The term spaying is specifically used for females. This also should not be enacted on a Jewish person’s animal, and a Jewish person should not sell a female animal to a gentile either, in order that it be sterilized.

  3. lastword hasn’t said the last word. There is halakhic fine print regarding spaying, as I was briefly exposed to when my children persuaded me to adopt a female cat (later: cats). Instead of mastering the fine print, I consulted my mara de-atra, who frowned on the idea of selling the cat to a gentile (a real sale involving real money to a real Arab, who delivered the cats to an Arab vet in Bet Lehem) but did not assur it. Mostly the fine print had to do with preventing suffering to the animal. This makes it relevant to Israel’s massive army of feral cats, which live ghastly and short lives of illness and violent death.

  4. Snakes, Rats etc will replace the cats. There was a reason we welcomed the cats…. The government as usual is short sighted. Must be overturned….Hashem Ya’azor.

  5. It’s ironic…under Abutbol’s reign of terror as Mayor of Beit Shemesh, he didn’t do a darned thing about the packs of wild dogs attacking local residents. I guess he’s a Hello, Kitty type of person.