‘Knockout’ Suspect Denies Charges; Shows Off Jewish Girlfriend


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Knockout attacker released
The 28 year old guy allegedly accused of assaulting an Orthodox Jew in Brooklyn as part of a ‘knockout game’, early Friday morning, was released Saturday night on a paltry $750 bail.

“I never hit the guy,” Amrit “Chris’’ Maragh, 28, told the NY Post after he was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court on charges of misdemeanor assault, menacing and harassment in the attack on Shmuel Perl. Maragh was not charged with a hate crime.

“My girlfriend’s Jewish,” Maragh insisted, showing off an unidentified girl who accompanied him after his release. There was “no exchange of words whatsoever,” with Perl, he said.

“He has a lot of Jewish friends,” added Dagoberto Hernandez, 38, one of the three friends arrested with Maragh that night, but ultimately not charged.

“None of us touched him,” Hernandez said of Perl. “He was there, and he walked away fast. Less than 10 minutes later, we were arrested.”

“We don’t play those childish kid games,” the 3rd arrested pal, James Santa Cruz, 31, told The Post.

Photo: Paul Martinka/NY Post

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. It is time for community leaders of all denominations, but especially Jewish ones to organize rallies and protests. these should be infront of 1 police plaza, the DA’s office, our city council and the future major. We damandincreased police action and protest the ease with which this defendant was allowed bail. Why was he not charged with a hate crime?

  2. The story is probably made up ! I know the guy Sammy pearl he is an expert in karate and jiu jitsu the bump on his head is their since I’ve known him 6 years ago he probably was walking at night saw a group of guys, called SHOMRIM with an interesting bogus story and SHOMRIM was fast to act without investigating and caused the arrest of 4 innocent people and I believe this guy who was arraigned in court today he probably never laid his hands on shmuel pearl and also he wasn’t dressed like in ultra frum person with garb and all he was wearing a blue jacket and jeans so I don’t think it was an “knockout the Jew ” kinda story

  3. If he is gainfully employed with no criminal record for violent crimes, nominal bail is reasonable, and indeed constitutionally mandated. We of all people should understand how little correlation there is between whom the police accuse and who turns out to be guilty.

  4. yentemonkey,

    I can’t begin to tell you how furious I an with your post and I can’t begin to wonder why your asinine comment wasn’t moderated when many of our comments don’t make it for less reasons.

    I am sure your know the halochos of aydim zomamim. Well although he wasn’t with you, you are accusing him of something terrible something which could land him in jail. What this has to do with my opening sentence in this paragraph is that though need to watch what you accuse people of. HKBH pays attention to what is said so watch out!

    In the meantime you should be RUNNING to Mr Pearl and BEG him for m’chila!

  5. let us wait for proof but in the meantime this creep’s claim of a Jewish girl friend? Well if she is Jewish and his girl friend, I guess she did something bad to deserve him.