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Israel: Significant Gas Price Increase at Week’s End

gasGas prices in Israel are expected to increase by week’s end, by 13 agorot a liter. That means 95 octane gasoline at the self-service pumps will increase from 7.50 NIS /liter to 7.63 NIS /liter – the equivalent of a whopping $8.72/US gallon.

The increase is attributed to the increase in the cost of a barrel of crude oil on the international market and the slight increase in the shekel.

The final word on the extent of the increase will be determined towards week’s end.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. “Whopping”?

    Pretty normal, average price, as Charlie Hall says.

    Wonder about diesel prices there. I drive diesel, as more than half of the UK does. I know Americans are barely aware of the existence of diesel cars. No idea how many there are in Israel – probably less than UK.

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