Violent Conflicts In Mea Shearim After Police Officer & Civilian Attacked [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

ישי ירושלמי

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Israel Police’s community police officer who works in Mea Shearim was attacked when he entered the neighborhood on Tuesday morning to begin his shift, setting off violent conflicts between residents and police. A civilian was also attacked and fled the area, leaving his car behind.

Following the attacks, a large number of police forces, together with investigators, entered the neighborhood in order to check the security cameras for the identity of the wrongdoers, and recover the civilian’s car.

Violent conflicts then broke out between the residents and police, with the residents throwing stones and other objects at the officers, and the police using clubs to control the crowd.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. sent them to iran,there they belong.What they do for the state? Only take money and shout Nazi.
    But they allowed to do everything they think because they call them self chareidim they can do what ever they want.

  2. I blame the American Yidden, who keep on giving money to these Chareidy Shnorers.
    If the Chareidim would have to work for a living, like the children of Yakov Avinu, they would not be protesting every day

  3. The Israeli gvmnt hates religious Jews worse then they hate Arabs. They fear their kids may become baalei tsuvah. They know their kids on the other hand won’t become Moslems. I spoke to many secular Israelis with that opinion.

  4. Although I strongly oppose secular Zionism, I am not surprised by the fact that many secular Israelis utterly despise so-called “Hareidi” Judaism.

  5. Those “so called tzadikim” who call NAZI police & soldiers who risk their lives from arab terrorists, should feel lucky they don’t get shot. Once you threw something at policeman and try to hit them or push them, be prepared to get hurt. And then they will show and post in shuls pictures of “neboch innocent frum Jewish who were abused by Israel Police without any reason”

  6. Only in the anti Semitic Zionist state in the 21 century in a western country do they drag Jews through through the street like like.

    when are they gonna start with the cattle cars??

  7. what i never understood is why the jews dont ever fight back. during the holocaust it made sense. the warsaw ghetto uprising was extremely stupid,; it only killed jews – suicide.

    but here they can easily fight back. don’t just allow these anti Semites to get away with dragging jews through the streets.

    why is everyone just standing around allowing the Nazi to beat the Jews with his stick??
    don’t go like sheep to the slaughter!!!!!!!

  8. YWN will meet the Creator one day and have to answer why they incite Sinaas Yisrael by posting these stories that needn’t be posted and for fomenting Sinaas Chinam – the sole reason the Beis Hamikdash was taken from us. Shame on you YWN.

  9. These are the new nazis.

    when the next holocaust comes, these Jew draggers and hitters, AND ALL THE COMMENATTORS HERE WHO SUPPORT THEM are gonna be alongside the perpetrators against the Jews.
    mark my words!

  10. These people show that they really CARE one for the other, This is clearly noticed by anyone visiting that area. I will be sending them even more money… and thanks to the American Yidde,n please keep it up…So sorry ader.

  11. People should remember that Meah Shearim and the way of life it represents was there long before the secular, Torah and G-d denying “state” came into being.

  12. Nothing new here. Nothing to get so excited about. This is a very normal occurrence in Meah Shearim or Geulah. Haredim get into confrontations with police, police hit some Haredim arrest some then there are more demonstrations Ho Hum.. The only way it will ever stop is if and when the Haredim are forced to serve in the army. That will loosen the chokehold that the Rabanim have over them. (which is why they are fighting so hard against the draft) once that happens they will integrate more into society seek employment have better lives and they will come to respect police officers and members of the army. As that won’t be happening anytime soon this stuff will just keep on happening.

  13. While the officers at the Arab protests know that they are in real mortal danger when entering there, they might not come back home, these Arabs kill jews on a daily basis and if they had a bad day and they kill a jew they will be a hero for life…. But in Meah Sheurim it never happened.

    By the Arabs their leaders preach violence and murder, by Meah Sheurim the leaders denounce violence.

    Although these few youngsters instigating violence on Soldiers passing by (this video is just the after math when police came to take revenge) are wrong and need a job, Israel should do it smartly and acknowledge the fact that Israel has a history of Torah and religion and it belongs to the Frum observant community and they are guest, all we are asking that they should take advantage and keep our cultures in place like the US does with the Amish and take pride of them and ignore them in a way.

    Usually when a uniformed soldier enters Meah Sheurim they are aware that they might be subject to a few young psychopaths so they should avoid entering.

    Maybe they should try through askunim to sit down with some leaders and and come up with a way to preserve Meah Sheurim and have some kind of official respectful שמירה מטעם החרדים that will make sure nothing goes out of control and keep the area with their old traditional style.

    I know there are lots of debatable things in what I said, so feel free to respond just keep your cool.

  14. Chaylev Halyah November 23, 2021 11:02 am at 11:02 am
    These are the new nazis.
    when the next holocaust comes, these Jew draggers and hitters, AND ALL THE COMMENATTORS HERE WHO SUPPORT THEM are gonna be alongside the perpetrators against the Jews.
    mark my words!

    Mark you word!! don’t make me laugh? what are you a Novi? you are more like another word that has an I & O.
    to other big advisers such as fight back the police and etc. Join BLM movement, that is where you belong!!

    If someone does not want to be dragged on the street, simply solution. Just comply with police request, don’t resist, and no one will hurt you. The reason they dragged, as they could not get the car close to the area or they knew the card would be vandalized. What did they guy who was arrested thought, they would carry him out like a king!!

  15. bigchoosid, let me rephrase you, we should all join the army of the Greek and intergrade into their society, lambs on a מזבח is outdated so lets all go to the nearest Greek theatre, lets loosen the chuckhold of the Rabbunim and lets all follow the light of our master Bernie Sanders and lets call our new movement bigchoosid or maybe מתיוונאים
    Gotta love this “Jewish Greek News Platform”

  16. Instead of dragging him , put him in a wheel cart and drop him at the nearest dump.

    This would never happen in NA . Put them all in jail. PERIOD.

  17. You reap what you sew. You cause trouble, you end up getting beaten or arrested. Stop acting like animals, and there won’t be a problem. Or, move to some other country where you think you’ll be able to live on the dole for your 120 years.

  18. Use Your Brain: Very nice comparing Israeli army who put their lives on the line every day TO PROTECT ALL JEWS IN ISRAEL INCLUDING CHAREIDIM, to Greek army and misyavnim’ you are just parroting Chareidi Meah Shearim propaganda, Israeli army today gladly accommodates all needs of Frum Yidden. Rav Shteineman ZT”L supported Nachal Chareidi. He was a true Gadol with true Daas Torah. Every Israeli soldier today is fulfiling what is surely the Ratzon Hashem to protect all Jews living in Israel. They deserve our respect and admiration.
    The same goes for the Police. Would you like lawlessness and anarchy in Israel? Would you want the crime rate to skyrocket including robbery and murder? The fact is the people of Israel need a police force like any other civilized country. These police officers risk their lives to protect all Israelis. But the Chareidim in Meah Shearim throw garbage at them sometimes for no reason at all just to provoke them (because they are Tzionim!) so it’s a 2 way street! there are very bad relations between Chareidim and police built up over many years. Anyone with a little brains knows this without even using them too much.

  19. Chaylev Halyah; are you serious right now?!

    Look at alexfromny to hopefully gain a little sechel.

    May you merit Teshuva Shalem for your misguided views. Amen!