2nd TIME IN 2 DAYS: Israeli In Critical Condition After Choking On A Sufganiya


A 62-year-old woman in Israel on Tuesday was evacuated in critical condition to the Carmel Medical Center in Haifa after choking on a jelly doughnut.

“When we arrived at the scene, we saw an unconscious woman who had no pulse and wasn’t breathing,” MDA paramedic Shmuel Dror said. “We immediately began advanced resuscitation techniques, and as we administered medical aid, we extricated pieces of dough from her throat with special medical equipment.”

“We transferred her to an intensive mobile care unit and evacuated her to the hospital while continuing resuscitation techniques.”

A similar incident occurred on Monday when a 63-year-old man from Yavneh also choked on a doughnut and was evacuated to the hospital in serious condition, sedated and ventilated.

Fortunately, his condition improved in the hospital and he is now in light condition.

“Every Chanukah our volunteers respond to medical emergencies of people choking on sufganiyot,” Hatzalah founder Eli Beer said. “It’s important to be careful when giving young children or older people sufganiyot as they have a higher risk of choking while eating and trying to swallow spongy foods.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Donuts need to come with instructions:

    “Do not swallow the whole donut! Choking hazard! Eat only bite-size pieces and chew them well before swallowing”.

    People know how to eat bread and bagels because they are always eating them, but forget how to eat those once a year sufganiot (because no adult, or anyone over 5 years old, eats jelly donuts during the year).

    Maybe we need Rabbonim to put out an issur on donuts or at least give shiyurim on how to safely eat these hazardous donuts.