ISRAEL COVID DRAMA: Bennett Wants Lockdown For Unvaccinated, Meeting Turns Into Shouting Match

Illustrative. A meeting of the coronavirus cabinet. (Kobi Gideon/GPO)

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Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Thursday instructed the relevant professionals to “examine options for imposing restrictions on the unvaccinated” during a situational assessment of the coronavirus and the Omicron variant.

According to a Channel 12 News report, Bennett asked Deputy Attorney General Raz Nazri to examine the legal feasibility of imposing a lockdown on the unvaccinated as well as a ban on leaving the country but the latter option was rejected as legally problematic.

Bennett also requested an examination of the possibility of imposing a vaccine mandate in Israel.

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz and other senior officials at the meeting expressed their vehement opposition to the measure, and at one point the discussion resorted into a shouting match between the prime minister and Horowitz.

Bennett also wants to extend the restrictions at Ben-Gurion and even add further restrictions, which also was met with opposition from Horowitz and other officials. Another meeting is scheduled later on Thursday to continue the discussion on the restrictions at Ben-Gurion.

A decision was made at the meeting to increase enforcement of the Green Pass with an emphasis on the issuance of immediate fines without warnings to violators.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I seriously wonder if the leadership of the state of Israel is really Jewish. They have been acting so stupid since China virus started, there’s no doubt to me that it’s made up of a bunch of goyish kep.

    The complete insanity that has overcome them is amazing. Unfortunately it happened in the United States also but it could be understood over here why that is the case. They are acting like they have no brains whatsoever. They cannot think for themselves. They need to follow the latest manure coming from whoever is making the most stupidest claims about this virus and any variant that comes out of it. This latest variant has been so far mostly BH a bunch of GMG but the state of Israel has locked themselves down wants to continue opressing people.

  2. Yes, that is fair. As Noam Chomsky said, if you want to not vaccinate that’s your right but at least have the decency to remove yourself from society so as not to harm others.

  3. Is anyone stupid enough to not look at Israel and see what happens when everyone gets vaccinated? just look they could allow everyone to travel without problem, no Covid-19 hotels, no masks, no over crowded hospitals,non of all that it is all in the past.

  4. “when everyone gets vaccinated?”


    In Israel only 63% of the population is fully vaccinated, with 69% having received one dose. Fully vaccinated would be a much higher number.

    But sure, carry on.

  5. “But sure, carry on.”
    1. How will everyone being Vaccinated help? Please Explain…
    2. Why after listening to science and being put into house arrest for two weeks, two years ago did the virus not disepair? Please Explain…
    3.Why being that the chasidusha world stopped listening to all this nonsense two months into it do we not see anyone being hospitalized since stopping to panic? Please Explain…


  6. Why are they so concerned about protecting the public from the unvaccinated? If it works, the ones who got it are good to go. If it doesn’t , what’s the point. The ones who choose to not protect themselves make that choice for themselves.
    But this the point where logic sees a big hole that no one seems to care about. Why is nobody talking about the very known fact that the vaccinated catch and spread covid as easily as those who aren’t vaccinated?
    Unvaxxed put nobody but themselves at risk and that is what we call free choice. If I choose to climb Mount Everest, go skydiving, eat fries and soda exclusively, drink a bottle of vodka a day, that’s my own darn business. Stay out of it.

  7. sariray > If it works, the ones who got it are good to go. If it doesn’t , what’s the point.

    Vaccine reduces sickness and, to a lesser degree, transmission. When everyone is vaccinated, overall rate of transmission Rt goes significantly down and, once it is below 1, number of cases decreases. With vaxxed people mixed up, transmission rates increase and, once it is above 1, number of cases grows and grows. This is a difference between a regular nuclear reactor and a Chernobyl.