Tragedy In Israel: 6-Yr.-Old Passes Away, 4 Sisters Hospitalized Due To Suspected Post-COVID

Yosef Naim, z'l.

A terrible tragedy occurred early Monday morning in the Chareidi community in the southern Israeli town of Netivot when six-year-old Yosef Naim, z’l, couldn’t be woken up from his sleep.

Yosef, z’l, was suffering from a high fever in recent days and apparently lost consciousness overnight Sunday. His parents called for help and paramedics rushed to his home and performed resuscitation techniques for forty minutes before evacuating him to the hospital while continuing resuscitation. His death was determined at the hospital.

The cause for his death is unclear. Yosef, along with his father and siblings, contracted COVID about a month ago and has been suffering from fever and vomiting since.

Yosef’s three sisters have been suffering from the same symptoms and his oldest sister, 10, was hospitalized the night before he passed away after suffering a seizure. In the wake of their brother’s tragic death, Yosef’s three other sisters, ages 2, 4, and 7, were hospitalized as well.

According to a statement from Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon, the girls’ condition is mild. The hospital is carrying out tests to determine if the children are suffering from multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C).

Yosef’s grandfather told Channel 13 News: “The whole family has been suffering from fever. Last night, some family members were suffering from a high fever and the oldest daughter had a seizure and was evacuated to the hospital. Today I came to the house to visit and my son is yelling that they’re performing resuscitation on Yosef and it turned out that they brought him to the hospital without a pulse.”

Yosef’s father Yehuda told the media: “Hashem gave, Hashem took, Yehi Shem Mevorach. Everything Hashem does is for the good. We were zocheh to raise a neshamah tehorah for six and a half years. We were zocheh to teach him Torah. He loved to learn Torah. We were zocheh to a gift from Hashem, an only son. He was such a tahor child, a tzadik.”

“What tz’ar this is. He didn’t feel well. We brought him medicine to bring down his fever and he didn’t wake up in the morning.”

Yosef Naim, z’l.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I enjoy a dialogue and discussion as much as the next person but the only thing to say here is BDE and let’s daven for the girls
    for a complete refuah

  2. Heartbreaking. A sweet, sensitive child. Who can fathom Hashem’s ways? We all need to look into ourselves and improve. May Hashem grant consolation to his family, and may he be a “guteh beter”, a “mailitz yosher”, for them and for klal Yisroel!

  3. Gfauxpas, it is a tragedy because a child was niftar. I guess some conservatives do not care about people dying unless they were executed by some repressive government.
    Chaylev Hayle, yea, just let’s not vaccinate anybody and let Covid just freely kill people. BTW, how was that Covid surge in the under-vaccinated Southern states in the summer?!? A fair number of the Faux news viewers died!

  4. BDE to this tragic death and Hashem should console his family but this story makes absolutely no sense. I haven’t heard any stories of children getting seriously sick from covid, especially a month after, and not just one child but the whole family? Something is fishy here. The story doesn’t sound right.
    Sounds to me like something else was going on and they’re looking to blame it on covid to convince people that kids are in danger.

  5. BD”E.

    It was reported in the Israeli media that the boy and his family were NOT vaccinated. This does not make it any less of a tragedy…

    an Israeli Yid

  6. There are substantial and growing numbers of reports that since the ‘delta variant’ back in around March, the c19 cases were different — and suspect as being internally caused by the ingredients introduced by the c19 shot.

    (The initial cases were reported earlier when 10,000 5G communication stations were ‘rolled out’ in Wuhan Province.)

  7. What an terrible terrible tragedy for any family to face. No one should ever have to go through something this painful.

    Sadly this little boy and had just received his vaccine (there is a tremendous push right now in israel to quickly vaccinate the children). His sister who was seizing was lucky to have a bad reaction like seizures and not death. Of course the denial is the next step. And they are then considered unvaccinated because it hasn’t been 14 days from the vaccine. It’s just a few hours so technically they can be counted as unvaxxed

  8. I live in Israel. They just started giving children 5 and up the covid vaccine. The neighbors tell us that these children were all recently vaccinated. The children here are being given the injections in school. The boy died shortly after the injection. Israeli law states is that a person is not legally vaccinated until 14 days after the injection. There is no reporting system like you have in the USA or in Europe for adverse events, meaning reactions to the injection. We don’t have a VAERS system. The Yeshiva World News is liable for the murder or injury of any child who takes the vaccine based on the fear generated by the false information in this article. Editors beware! The truth is greater than your lies. You will be held accountable.

  9. BDE r”l

    children dying from covid is rare but has been reported in every country.

    it’s normally, like with the many deaths of young adults r”l, because of a comorbidity / underlying mild weakness which flares up with covid (that pre-covid they would have lived their whole line with, unknowingly and unaffected).

  10. All the facts point to the deadly vaccines and yet the people in power keep their mouths shut and deny it all. Worse, they keep mantading this deadly vaccine, and threaten with your livelihoods. THAT FACT ALONE SHOULD MAKE YOU WAKE UP AND USE YOUR BRAINS (if you have any).