FALLSBURG: Republican Katherine Rappaport Defeats Long-Time Fallsburg Town Supervisor Steven Vegliante


Republican Katherine Rappaport has knocked off incumbent Fallsburg Supervisor Steven Vegliante after a judge ruled that several hundred challenged ballots could be counted.

An attorney by trade, Vegliante led the town of Fallsburg for 12 years and was seeking reelection to another 2-year term as town supervisor. Rappaport, a school board member, created a third-party ballot line to run for the office.

Immediately after election day, Vegliante led Rappaport by 406 votes, but that lead evaporated after election officials began counting the some 990 absentee ballots cast in the election.

Vegliante challenged many of the ballots, alleging that voters were registered to vote in both Fallsburg and New York City, gave incomplete or unknown addresses on their registrations, or were given ballots despite missing the application deadline.

Ultimately, a judge ruled that the ballots should be counted, handing Rappaport a victory margin on 271 votes.

One of the reasons Vegliante lost was due to his lack of support among local homeowners, many of them Jewish. who were disgusted with the way they were being treated. Despite what local Jew-haters like to say, the thousands of Jewish homeowners in Fallsburg pay a fortune in taxes, with many suggesting that the majority of taxes collected in the town come from Jewish residents. These taxes go towards many programs that don’t even benefit the Jewish population, including paying for the local public school.

Despite paying so much in taxes, Jewish residents have reported extreme difficulties with dealing with the town in getting any sort of approvals, even for things like minor construction projects. YWN notes that countless local residents were fed up with Vegliante as well. In fact, sources tell YWN, that Vegliante received less votes in this election, than in any previous election when he had no opponent.

Jewish residents were also disgusted by the way Vegliante treated the Woodbourne Shul, placing a stop work order on the shul, which was trying to build an outdoor deck. Vegliante not only provided no reasonable explanation for the stop work order, and even had the chutzpah of campaigning at the shul this past summer, claiming he is a great supporter of it.

Vegliante did have some support in the Jewish community, however. One “askan” friend of disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo came out guns-blazing for Vegliante, vouching for what an amazing person he is. He also hired Ezra Friedlander to promote himself in the hopes of winning. The Jewish residents of Fallsburg disagreed.

Even in his loss, Vegliante has remained defiant, writing in a Facebook post that he will not congratulate victor Kathy Rappaport “as I do not believe in celebrating a win gathered through immoral practices.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “…One of the reasons Vegliante lost was due to his lack of support among local homeowners, many of them Jewish.”. The local YEAR ROUND Frum home owners including the Fallsburg Yeshiva community voted for Vegliante!!!

    To those who were not following Vegliante was up by 400+ votes after voting day. So the LOCAL YEAR ROUND community DID vote for Vegliante. Everyone knew he was STILL in TROUBLE due to the over 1000 absentee ballots where MOST of them came from Jewish Chassidish Brooklyn areas. Usually there is only 200-300 absentee ballots.

    So Rappaport won based on a now successful campaign by a few Chassidish developers who were upset with Vegliante since he did stop them from building homes, and caused many issues with getting homes to the finish line once they were already built due to inspections.

    As a local year round home owner, time will tell if this was good for the general Fallsburg area Frum residents.

  2. You mean some of you born to be Democraps forever are finally waking up? It’s about time, let’s celebrate, הַלְלוּיָה, pass the Manischewitz!

  3. Congratulations and mazal tov to Ms Rapaport.
    Good riddance to Vegliante, aka Vigilante YMS!
    And of course to the paid off Askan who supported him and sold Kia bretheren down the river, may you be together with him in Olam Habaa since you think so highly of him.

  4. Vote Republican down the line and will have safer streets and support for yeshivas. The liberal democRATs are our biggest opponents. This coming year we can change over these bleeding heart liberal democRATs if every frum Jew registers to vote.