“Storm Is Coming, Testing System Will Collapse:” Up To 1/3 Of Israelis To Fall Ill In Next 3 Weeks

Photo: Raviv Meyuchas

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned at the weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday morning that “the storm is coming. There will be tens of thousands of verified cases a day, very soon. These are numbers that the world hasn’t known and we also haven’t known.”

Israel confirmed over 4,000 new COVID cases on Sunday, the highest number in four months, and although the number of seriously ill patients is still low, standing at 110, it rose by 33% since last week. The number of cases confirmed in the past week was three times as high as the number of cases in the week prior.

Prof. Eran Segal of Weizmann Institute said that about three million Israelis – a third of Israel’s population – could be infected with COVID within two weeks – but most won’t be able to confirm they are positive since Israel is already running out of tests.

“We will be ‘blind’ to the numbers because we don’t have enough tests,” Segal told Army Radio on Sunday. “The testing system is already collapsing.”

Long lines snaked around testing stations throughout Israel on Sunday as thousands of Israelis waited for hours to get tested.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What is the point in getting tested? If you don’t feel well stay home. And if majority of the country is vaccinated then why are there so many cases?

  2. Let’s stop the hype and concentrate on the seriously ill. That is the number that actually makes a difference. Being positive is not an issue if you’re not seriously ill.

  3. BS”D
    So three million people who are perfectly healthy, or at least not showing any signs of covid, will not have to quarantine themselves.

  4. BS”D
    It’s like in The Star Bellied Snitches by Dr. Seuss.
    When the snitches ran out of money to pay the man with the star applying and removal machine, it was all over.

  5. What’s going on in Israel? Are the politicians there going insane? The covid strain is now much, much lighter than the original variant. It is like the flu now. Stop testing, stop giving poison shots because they dont prevent people from getting covid nor from spreading it , (and it has had negative side effect for tens of thousands globally,) and open your borders. Obviously, Zionism has fried the original Jewish brain that’s stereotypically supposed to be smart but they are acting incredibly dumb at this point.

  6. I wonder who pocketed all the bribes given to Israel’s leaders to vaccinate everyone and then to keep vaccinating the entire country? Did you know that the CEO of Pfizer and many of their top officers did not receive even the 1st vaccination? 100% true. Look it up. Why?? Because you’re the Guinea Pig.

  7. Israel, like the rest of the world, has 2 choices. Jab everyone with more and more and more boosters…. or take a tissue, wipe your nose, and go about your life.

  8. The surreal drama of this clown show would actually be comedic if so many healthy, innocent men, women, and children weren’t being dragged into it.

  9. bpmomy > What is the point in getting tested? If you don’t feel well stay home.

    There are people with essential jobs, like doctors, nurses. and pilots. They already are working over time. If they stay home from an exposure, then we will have not enough nurses. The solution for them is to test and also wear high quality masks.

  10. philosopher > The covid strain is now much, much lighter than the original variant. It is like the flu now.

    According to you, it was a flu 6 months ago. How come it is becoming 10x lower now, B’H, and you still think it is “like a flu”? Note that in US at least, there are two strains both active – the tremendous number of cases due to Omicron, and continuous large number of deaths is probably still due to Delta that is still here.

    The lighter outcomes seems to be by a combination of (1) Omicron being a milder version, affecting lungs less, (2) due to mutation, people who have immunity from vaccine or previous infection are now infected again and have better outcome due to acquired immunity. Still, while deaths did not increase (and did not decrease), hospitalizations and ICUs are growing, so not everything is clear here.

  11. drugcommish> CEO of Pfizer

    you fell a victim of misinformation and, by mistake, propagated lashon hara. Please send an apology and a check for damages to Dr. Bourla (ivrit, not yiddish, he is Greek Sephardi).

    He received 2nd dose on March 10th (see his twitter). An article in Jerusalem Post on March 7 quotes him saying that he is not going to Israel yet because he was not _fully_ vaccinated and did not want to jump the line. A reported wrote in August that he is not “vaccinated” and then corrected several days later. Still, the “news” went around.

    A good lesson in lashon harah propagation… Please trace back where you heard this information, treat this source with suspicion in general, request they correct the information, contact everyone you told this lie, and ask your Rav what other teshuvah is possible here.

  12. DrugCommie you are on drugs. Of course all pfizer Staff got the vaccine once it was available. And booster shots. More stupid lies.

  13. Always_ask _questions> I would like to know how you know that it’s the omicron strain when there is no test to know which strain it is. Just check the list and you will know exactly what the next strain will be , they are playing games with you. You bought it hook line and sinker

    Jews will suffer the biggest death blow in Israel when we see how many dumb Israelis are taking the booster upon booster. They are trying to kill you and they don’t shy away from the camera to tell it to you in your face , but now we believe the lying government. Of course thousands will get sick now , it’s winter on the way and all the Israelis running for the fourth dose may not make it through the winter . Insanity is what’s going on . The vaccine doesn’t work , you will still get sick but wear a thin piece of cloth over your face, yeah … that will keep you safe.
    And the Pfizer employees are not mandated to take the vaccine. Believe me , most won’t take it . They know the reason for the vaccine . It’s a death shot .