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Shocking Photos Taken Outside Of IDF Prison 6, On Monday Afternoon


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  1. what point are they trying to make? also, why on earth does the secular israeli media care if chareidim are protesting? and why would the govt or the IDF care either?

  2. אל תדון את חבירך עד שתגיע למקומו.
    These people are just demonstrating that its spiritual suicide to go to the Israeli army.

  3. All you commenter’s sound like Israeli secular left – wing, what’s going on here?! Does it matter to anyone here if chareidy bochurim with no prior exposure to the secular world will start being michalel shobbas and transgressing with gilui arayos? Does it matter that bochurim who all they know it’s a blatt gemara are being stripped away from their gemaras and sent either to jail or to some army camp to trample around all day doing push ups and target practice and serving a government who will never allow their soldiers to defend the country anyways, maybe to teach them to do more expulsions like gush katif.
    These peoples lives are being taken away from, no one is listening, they don’t know how to respond, they are doing their best to be heard and stay alive, and all they hear from their brothers is that they are non productive leeches.

  4. They are making it clear that this is a critical issue upon which the survival of the hareidi community survives, and that they are prepared to be moser nefesh over it. The secular and the religious zionists see it as merely about the economics of army services. The stakes are very high since if the hareidim serious oppose the medinah, it could end up with a one-state solution based on the 1918 borders (i.e. a Muslim state from the desert to the sea). When seen as a way of making clear that this is a high stakes game, the protests are a polite and non-threatening way of letting the other side know what is at stake.

  5. Shocking?????

    What’s shocking are the comments above!

    What happened to the Am Yisroel? Since when have u people a heart of STONE?

    Have you no feelings for the bochrim who are being dragged to jails?

    Don’t you care about the future of Am Yisroel?

    I cannot understand where are the editor’s of this site ? Are they not afraid of spewing out such Rishas, loshon horah, and sometimes apikorsis ?

    Hashem should help we all do tshuva soon

  6. lbj says:
    “rav shmuel auerbach has a boring non-productive life??”

    No. And R. Auerbach doesn’t pretend to hang himself.

  7. Those in prison should be there, they have a duty to learn and protect their brothers, its as simple as that. Those protesting have a right to do so, but the noose around the neck is pure stupidity, there is no spiritual suicide, in the IDF, if you’re strong in your beliefs, you will come out having witnessed miracles, if you want to go OTD c”h then you will go off in the IDF, or you will just leave you’re community and do what you want anyway.

  8. Yes, readers. This is what happens when people don’t work.But so sad to see this young boy being “hanged” by some unemployed loser.

  9. Since when is it acceptable to mimic death that way? maybe
    they should hold a sword around the neck of the kid?

    oneloveunited: how is a does going to the army automatically make someone become not frum? Isn’t it possible his parent and rabbiem never did their job and teach him proper hashchofah? Is it possible he would have gone off the derech any way? How does the Hesder program work so well?
    The simple answer is if you don’t like the laws of the country leave.

  10. #13 Yes we care about the future of Am Yisrael, having a growing number of people who rely on welfare and not serving while others must is a drain on the system and can make the country collapse financially. The question is why don’t you care enough about this? Why don’t you follow the diractives of Chazal instead of the newly invested system you have today of mass Kollel? Why don’t you come back to the Torah sources of Chazal who say to provide for one’s children and not rely on Charity especially not with the excuse of Torah learning as it is a HILLUL HASHEM. Are you not concerned enough about this?

  11. a few comments:

    1) How can they leave the Beis Medrash to go protest? Isn’t it their learning that is holding up the World?

    2) Can’t their learning also protect them from the Evil Zionist Government??

    3) Seems to me that if they can leave their learning to go protest they should certainly be willing to leave their learning to defend the Jewish people from the bloodthirsty murderers that surround us and want to kill all Jews including Charedim

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