Kahana: “My Giyur Plan Is ‘Only Way To Deal With 450,000 Non-Jews In Israel'”

Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana (Danny Shem Tov/Knesset spokesperson)

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Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana on Wednesday revealed the details of his giyur reform plan, which will be brought for a vote in the Knesset in three weeks.

Although Kahana announced that the reform was written after consultation with HaRav Chaim Druckman, leading Dati Leumi Rabbanim, and experts in giyur, HaRav Druckman signed a letter last week with the Rabbanut calling for the immediate end of the giyur reform and signed another letter on Wednesday slamming the reform, together with over a dozen leading Dati Leumi Rabbanim.

Kahana’s reform requires all giyur to be carried out according to halacha but it essentially transfers the authority for giyur from the Rabbanut to a steering committee headed by the prime minister or the religious affairs minister, and comprised of two additional representatives of the prime minister and two representatives of the Rabbanut, leaving the majority vote in the hands of the prime minister (or the minister appointed by him).

This means that in another year and a half, Yair Lapid could have the final say on all matters related to giyur.

There are many other problematic hidden clauses, such as the fact that although the Rabbanut will have the right to object to a conversion for halachic reasons, the conversion will only be disqualified via a unanimous vote by the steering committee (with the prime minister maintaining the majority vote).

Additionally, local Batei Din will be authorized to approve private conversions carried out in the past that weren’t recognized by the Rabbanut.

Prior to revealing the reform, Kahana stated to the press that “this is a historical opportunity to end the assimilation in  the State of Israel and deal with the 450,000 non-Jewish people living in Israel. Kahana added that his reform is the “only way to deal with this challenge.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Why limit the vote to a Prime Minister and government officials? If people other than qualified Rabbinim have a say shouldn’t all Israelis vote on each ger? The current proposal is ridiculous

  2. The gemara on Yevamos daf 24b quotes a braisa that translates, “both a man who converted for the sake of a woman and a woman who converted for the sake of a man, and similarly, one who converted for the sake of the king’s table, for the sake of Solomon’s servants, they are not converts; this is the statement of Rabbi Neḥemya.” So, I mean, you can say whatever you want, guy, and the Bavli don’t change.

  3. Also, let us not forget the minor tractate Meseches Gerim 1:7: “Anyone who becomes a proselyte for the sake of [marrying a Jewish] woman, or out of fear, or love is not a proselyte. Similarly R. Judah and R. Nehemiah said: All [the Gentiles] who were converted in the days of Mordecai and Esther were not genuine proselytes, as it is stated, And many from among the peoples of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews was fallen upon them. Anyone who is not converted from purely religious motives is not a proselyte.” Yup. Those laws don’t change.

  4. HaGaon HaRav Matan Kahana Shlita will induct the said 450,000 non Jews into the Jewish community by the signature of his pen?? Is he such a buffoon to think that this will gain acceptance? Taakeh a buffoon.

  5. Kahana added that his reform is the “only way to deal with this challenge.”………………….You could set 2 different categories. “Jews” & “Zionists” with equal State rights except for religious rights.


  7. I’m starting to think he’s not even a rasha, just a moron
    How does he even say with a straight face that he is ending assimilation by pretending people are Jewish
    Seriously what the hell

  8. “Kahana stated to the press that “this is a historical opportunity to end the assimilation in the State of Israel and deal with the 450,000 non-Jewish people living in Israel. Kahana added that his reform is the “only way to deal with this challenge.””

    The Torah isn’t at all challenged by the non-Jews in the Zionist State. But Zionism is, which is why “Religious Zionists” are working against the Torah to address this challenge to Zionism. The challenge goes like this:

    The Zionists falsely claim that Israel is a “Jewish” State. They decided that the criteria for citizenship is being Jewish. Therefore, it is in the Zionists’ interest that as many of its (State of Israel’s) citizens as possible be considered “Jewish”.

    However, that criterion is, of course, a purely halachic one, not subject to Zionist tampering. Yet, the Zionists want to make more people Jewish so that they can have more Zionists. Hence, his solution of adulterating halacha to make more Zionists by pretending they will be Jewish.

    The much simpler solution is to just adopt a nationality called “Israeli”, which has nothing to do with Judaism, and would be no less artificial than Cypriot or Albanian. The reason the Zionists won’t do that, though, is the need to lie that they are the “Jewish” State.