Israel: 8-Fold Rise In Severe Cases, “Worst We’ve Seen” Hospital Directors Say

A COVID ward at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem on Monday. (Photo: Hadassah Medical Center)

Israel expects to soon break its own record of its number of seriously ill COVID cases, Channel 12 News reported on Tuesday evening, based on Health Ministry sources.

The number of seriously ill cases has soared by eight times in less than a month, from 101 at the beginning of the month to 905 as of Wednesday afternoon, including 245 critically ill patients of whom 189 are ventilated. It’s the highest number since February of last year during Israel’s third wave, when the number of seriously ill patients reached 1,200.

Hospital directors have warned Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Nachman Ash that the increasing overload in coronavirus wards is straining their capability to provide a reasonable level of care. Furthermore, there’s currently a shortage of staff in COVID intensive care units.

“The situation today is that due to the huge overload on COVID wards and the unprecedented shortage of doctors and nurses in quarantine, there’s already a severe deterioration in the quality of medical care for COVID patients in severe condition and the seriously ill in general,” one hospital director said. “In general, this is the worst situation we’ve been in since the beginning of the pandemic, and we have only just begun to count the dead.”

Prof. Ofer Marin, the director of Shaarei Tzedek, told Kan News: “Each time we say we’ve reached a new high but yesterday the number of patients was the highest in the last two years. The staff is at home [in quarantine] but meanwhile, we have to treat even more patients in the staff’s cafeteria.”

The director of Soroka Hospital said: “Another COVID ward was opened today due to the high rate of cases in the past 24 hours…Hundreds of staff are in quarantine and we’ve been forced to reduce our scope of operations. As of today, we have six COVID wards and ICU units.”

Health Ministry officials say that although Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has ordered an increase in the number of beds, the Finance Ministry continues to oppose it.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Israel REALLY messed up and they CONTINUE to mess up by not admitting they’re lost. The people with the positive CCP Virus are predominantly vaccinated!!!

  2. When will they start recommending Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine for people at the first sign of the China WuFlu virus? Why does Pfizrael insist on the vax and no therapeutics until someone is in the hospital?

  3. Maybe if all the quadruple vaxxed and once/twice recovered docs and nurses and staff who are in perfect health and have no underlying diseases would stop going into quarantine, damn it, then the patients would receive proper care, almost no one would die, and we would all realize that the disease is not at all dangerous. Gosh, u know, if u would lock up all people capable of distributing strep antibiotics, then yeah, I’ll have a big problem with strep… the governments of the world have failed the general population to such an insanely high degree.

  4. To any idiot who deliberately misreads my comment above: I mean that the disease is not at all dangerous IF WE PROVIDE PROPER CARE… which we are fully capable of doing if we wouldn’t be freaking jailing all the docs and nurses and staff. So nuts and sad!

  5. It seems that every rise in covid cases comes after a new round of injections. Perhaps they need to reconsider their covid strategy. In addition, perhaps the country should publicize and encourage early treatments that are available.

  6. yashar, if infected people will not quarantine, even if they are healthy and vaxxed, they can pass it to others, including their vulnerable patients. I wonder whether infected staff is mostly due to their recreational activities.. People might be masked and careful at work according to rules, but then they go out …

  7. Get educated, all research points to correlation with being unvaxed or many months past last vaccination. Recent vaccination is associated with higher antibodies and less infection. These numbers are tracked in multiple countries and research groups, they can’t be all lying.

    Your impression may be based on the fact that whenever threat is increasing, people go to vaccinate, and then you hear at the same time – many people get vaccine; many people get sick. Correct, but not the same people. Pay attention.