WATCH: Austria To Lapid: “I’m Sorry Your Grandfather Was Murdered In Mauthausen”

Yair Lapid at the Mauthausen concentration camp memorial in Austria on January 27, 2022. (Shlomi Amsalem/GPO)

In a ceremony marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Thursday, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid spoke about this grandfather Bela Lampel in the very place he was murdered, the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria.

Lapid said: “I came her today to remind the world that Bela Lampel wasn’t a number. He sent me to say in his name that the Jews haven’t surrendered. The Nazis thought that they were the future and that Jews would be something only found in a museum. Instead, the Jewish state is the future, and Mauthausen is a museum.”

During Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer’s speech, he apologized to Lapid in the name of Austria for the murder of his grandfather and other Jews at Mauthausen. “Dear Yair, I apologize on behalf of the Republic of Austria for the crimes committed here,” he said. “I apologize that your grandfather was murdered here.”

Yair Lapid at the Mauthausen concentration camp memorial in Austria on January 27, 2022. (Shlomi Amsalem/GPO)

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Wow. That’s so moving. It’s so moving that just a few decades after murder, Lapid loves Nazi descendants. How righteous of him. What a huge heart that man must have.

  2. “Instead, the Jewish state is the future…”
    This is both heresy and wrong. Even Rabbi Soloveitchik noted that the Zionist State can exist only so long as they get American aid (whether or not the Zionists reciprocate in any way for that aid is irrelevant).

    But since Zionism and its State are all about shmad, changing the Jewish people and faith from Torah-based to idolatrous nation-state/land-based, there is obviously no future for the Zionist State; it’s only a matter of time. Hashem does have “erech apayim”, so the Zionist State does still exist, for now.

    Regarding the Holocaust, the Zionists don’t talk about their many contributions to that. Perhaps it would have been more appropriate for the Zionist minister to apologize to Jews world-wide than for the Austrian gentile minister who had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

  3. Git Gezugt. However, ironically and unfortunately, the same can be said of him.
    He thinks he is the future and the Chareidy Yid will end up in a museum…

  4. Occurred only because Din in shomayim any maamin knows this and the “state” exists as well because HKBH wants it to exist not because kochi v’otzi yadi. The fact that Yeshiva World posts these articles without the proper perspective is wrong .

  5. Unfortunately for Lapid, he doesn’t know what it really means to be a Jew and what has truly kept the Jewish people relevant for all of these years.