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Motzei Shabbos in Jerusalem: IDF Tow Tanks & Massive Snowball Fights on Bar Ilan Street

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  1. Rather than appreciate The Once in a generation occurence,

    and ( unhappy of )the respite which it has given

    the country from the forces which were and will further hemmorrhage our lives and that which is more dear than our

    lives ,

    Watch some of the Reshoyim use the clips as an excuse

    to incite further with their comments.

  2. Dear Editor,

    Those aren’t tanks. They are M113 troop carriers. Tanks are much larger and heavier and have turrets with a large and prominent tank gun barrel.

  3. About Time
    Interesting that for the “Reshoyim” there is no respite.
    They work day and night to help and protect all citizens no matter what background they are from.
    Your comment show your complete disrespect and dare I say sinas chinom for your fellow Jews.
    Service in Tzahal is a duty and an honor for all.
    The statements made by you and some others on this forum show a complete disconnect with reality and utter disrespect for those who stand guard in all conditions to protect the lives of all Jews in Israel no matter who they are.Among those soldiers are thousands of frum men and boys who are shomer Torah and Mitzvos, who use much of their spare time to continue their learning while fighting outside forces to prevent another Shoah.
    Shame on you and others of your ilk, it is you who are trying to bring about real Shmad.

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