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NAZI WANNABE? Marjorie Taylor Greene Addresses White Nationalist Event [VIDEO]

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the controversial Republican who has made a number of antisemitic remarks already, attended and addressed an event on Saturday headed by Nick Fuentes, an unabashed, virulent anti-Semite and Holocaust denier.

Greene and another Republican, Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona, were at the America First Political Action Conference, an extreme far-right group organized by Fuentes. The event was to counterbalance the ongoing CPAC convention, with both events being held in Orlando, Florida.

“Now they’re going on about Russia, Vladimir Putin is Hitler… they say that’s not a good thing,” Fuentes said, adding “I shouldn’t have said that” while laughing maniacally.

After the event, Greene was pressed on her attendance, but claimed that she didn’t know Fuentes or what he stood for.

“I do not know Nick Fuentes. I have never heard him speak, I have never seen a video [of him],” she claimed. “I do not know what his views are so I am not aligned with anything that is controversial.”

At what point do her excuses wear thin?

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Marjorie and Gosar are two of the most avid Trump supporters in the GOP. He has praised and feted both of them. To date Trump has not condemned their repeated attendance at white supremacist events. Kevin McCarthy has stayed silent as well.

    Cheney, Kinzinger and Romney have all spoken out.

    The future of the GOP is at stake. Will it be Trump and his populist cronies or will it be the moral and upstanding members of the GOP who are shunned by Trump and current GOP leadership.

  2. The only reason I could think that YWN wants to throw MTG under the bus is that she’s Conservative and YWN is run by Leftists. Stop printing this tosh about her. She’s fighting for God, life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

  3. LIES, LIES, AND MORE LIES. And this time it’s YWN’s own lies, not just AP’s lies that YWN chooses to republish.

    Marjorie Taylor Greene, the controversial Republican who has made a number of antisemitic remarks already

    Only if you count zero as a number.

    Nick Fuentes, an unabashed, virulent anti-Semite and Holocaust denier.

    I am no fan of Fuentes, and I’m not in a position to dispute these labels, but I’m not willing to accept them just because someone says so, especially if that person is quoting that vicious hate group, the SPLC. The one quote provided in this article reads like it was a bitter joke, so it doesn’t prove anything. I wouldn’t have spoken at his event, because למיחש מיבעי, but someone who does speak at it cannot be accused of antisemitism. Indeed even knowingly speaking at an event organized by an antisemite doesn’t make the speaker one too. But especially when the speaker says she doesn’t know whether he is one or not, and there’s no reason to doubt her.

  4. What’s wrong with that excuse?
    The PAC is titled “America First”. Does it not make sense that a conservative politician would appreciate that view?

    Yes, if she knew that the head of a group is a bigot then, no, she should not attend his convention. But who said that is what happened?

  5. No comment re anything in this article except: OMG this Fuentes really looks demented… no, no, legit… I promise when I saw him he reminded me of one thing, really: the maniacal BCJ after transforming back from A(ME)M… legit…

  6. Milhouse: We can appreciate the wit of your usually informed and clever trolls. However, presuming you have the search skills to check out Fuentes history of racist and anti-semitic comments, memes, posts, etc., this was a bit beneath your usual level of quality control. Yidden have been burned (literally and figuratively) over centuries by relying upon variations of the “enemy of my enemy” theory of support in building alliances. There are more than enough principled Republican conservatives without twisting yourself into a pretzel to rationalize the behavior of Gosars, MGTs, Boeberts, just as the Dems need to isolate the “squad”

  7. Cheney, Kinzinger and Romney have all spoken out.

    Of course they have, and that is the biggest reason NOT to do the same. They are all of them traitors and phonies, bought and paid for by the Democrat Party, and whatever they say the opposite is probably true.

  8. >>>“Now they’re going on about Russia, Vladimir Putin is Hitler… they say that’s not a good thing,” Fuentes said, adding “I shouldn’t have said that”

    He also clearly says afterwards that it is a terrible comparison.

    I’m sure Nick Fuentes is an anti-Semite but he is more of an “us against them” anti-Semite who perceives Jews to be “them” than a guy who has specific anti-Semitic motives. AOC is the same way. MTG is certainly that assuming she is an anti-Semite at all.

    In both cases (MTG & AOC) picking fights with them and accusing them of being anti-Semites when they are not engaged in direct or even indirect conflict with us (like speaking at a venue like this one ) is guaranteed to make them and their supporters even more hostile to us.

    Don’t do it!!!

  9. I find it amusing how many people give this wretch an excuse and go out on very tender limbs to be “don l’kaf zechus”. Quite upsetting actually.
    The problem with being correct is that generally you cant side with either party.
    Get some standards.

  10. Anyone who listens to what these people say publicly will hear that they are anti Jewish jerks. Greene is probably more stupid than antisemitic. But she should be thrown out of the Republican party.

  11. “Gadol”, Fuentes may be an antisemite. I’m just not taking your word for it, because you’re a proven liar. I’m not taking the word of anyone who takes SPLC seriously. However bad Fuentes may be, SPLC is worse, and anyone who sides with them is my enemy and will say anything.

    As for Greene, there is simply no reason to think she is an antisemite, and anyone twisting themselves into a pretzel to accuse her of it destroys their credibility. And once they’ve done that, how can I trust them about Fuentes either? I know you’re lying about Greene, and deliberately maligning her with no justification, so how can I trust that you aren’t doing the same to Fuentes? I think he’s likely to be an antisemite, but I can’t be sure without doing a lot of research and sifting through questionable evidence, which I have no reason at all to bother doing. So I just stay away from him. But even if he is one for sure, we have no right to demand that others not speak at his events.

  12. @ efshar azoi
    Grow up! It’s not like you don’t see worse everyday, better yet don’t look at the news at all, and if your phone is tagged then it wouldn’t show her!

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