With A 2-Week-Old Baby: Jewish Family Rescued From Ukraine

Photos: Israeli embassies in Hungry and Romania.

As war continues to rage across Ukraine, more and more people are fleeing the country amid Russian missiles hitting residential areas.

One of the families rescued on Thursday was a frum family with a newborn. The person who assisted them was Ortal Elbaz, who serves as the Israeli Consul in Croatia, but for the past week has been assisting the Israeli staff in Israel’s embassy in Hungary, which shares a border with Ukraine.

The consulate issued documentation for the baby and the family received guidance and assistance in crossing the border from Ukraine into Hungary.

Additionally, on Wednesday, Israel Consul in Romania Roni Shabtai assisted 47 Israelis to cross the border from Ukraine into Romania.

Shabtai issued travel documents at the border in the freezing cold of 14℉, using the trunk of his car as an improvised office.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Chabad Shluchim in Kharkov have 12 children, including a 2 week old baby. They just successfully made it to Israel via Moldova