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TROUBLING: Missionaries Planning Mass Conversions for Jews Fleeing Ukraine

A Christian missionary group is planning to perform a mass baptism on Jews fleeing Ukraine to Israel, Yad L’Achim is warning.

Chosen People Ministries, a missionary group based in the U.S., put out a request to its members to help Jewish refugees fleeing to Israel, adding that it plans to hold a mass conversion ceremony on the first night of Pesach.

The organization, which has churches in Yerushalayim, Ramat Gan, and Bat Yam, already targets Jews in Israel, with missionaries masquerading as religious Jews to ensnare people.

“Nerya Arbov [one of the senior missionaries in Israel] has dedicated much time and effort to helping four Ukrainian families who escaped the war zone to move to an apartment in Israel,” the organization wrote to its followers. “He writes: ‘Not only did we meet them at the airport, but we also found them apartments that we furnished. These people have participated in meetings of our congregation and some have already accepted Yeshu. Before Pesach [Passover] we plan to baptize 15 people’.”

Yad L’Achim is vowing to foil the mass conversion.

“They won’t succeed. We will stay in contact with rabbis in Ukraine and with absorption enters in Israel to ensure that the missionaries do not take advantage of the distress and won’t be able to put their hands on innocent Jews escaping the war, in the hope and prayer that we will succeed in thwarting the missionary plot.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. JforJ came to my house once. They won’t be making that mistake twice! A 12” kukri made my point clear!
    Missionaries only understand brute force!

  2. I guess some rabbinical leaders would say that they shouldn’t be rescued in that case, because it’s better that their souls be untouched regardless of what would happen to their bodies. (Wow, more like 1939 Europe than I thought.)

  3. the first night of Pesach is Good Friday on their calendar:- Don’t they have other religions obligations to attend to at this such important time of the year on their agenda?

  4. How desperate: Taking advantage of a humanitarian tragedy to advance a cause.

    And is Trump’s lawyer (I forget his name) affiliated with this group, or some other j4j group?

  5. This is milchemes Gog uMagog:
    If israel allows this, THEY ARE NOT JEWISH!
    I would rather ISIS in charge of the gov’t – they would behead these flesh worshippers who have ZERO brains. What do they need a head for anyway – if they dont use it?

  6. @hml These are the scum of the Earth. Unfortunately we are not able to kick them out, worse yet the government actively protects them because they are able to put so much money into Israel. They blackmail the secular government with their support in exchange for their status of near immunity.

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