Agudath Israel Commends Senate Foreign Relations Committee Vote On Confirmation Of Dr. Deborah Lipstadt

Photo Credits: Katherine Welles/

Agudath Israel of America commends the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for voting today in favor of the nomination of Dr. Deborah Lipstadt as the State Department’s Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism. Agudath Israel urges the full Senate to act swiftly to confirm the nomination and allow Dr. Lipstadt to promptly assume her responsibilities.
“As antisemitism continues to rise around the world, it is increasingly important that this position be filled as soon as possible,” said Rabbi Abba Cohen, Agudath Israel’s Vice President of Government Affairs and Washington Director. “Dr. Lipstadt’s background makes her uniquely qualified for this job, and Agudath Israel looks forward to working closely with her in the years ahead.”


  1. Her claim to fame is having sued David Irving. But she is a hateful radical liar, and should not be confirmed. She has compared President Trump to Goebels and called him an “antisemitic enabler”. Her nomination was held up in committee for eight months because she personally insulted Sen. Ron Johnson and called him a racist. This is not a person who belongs in such a position where she will be able to spread more of her poison.

  2. Deborah Lipstadt is my cousin. She is a frum woman who has devoted her life to studying the Holocaust and fighting anti-Semitism. Just because you disagree on politics is no heter for such appalling motzei shem ra.

  3. Moderater: is there a policy about not posting lashon hara? Can the negative comment be taken down? It’s very offensive to my family. If you are able to take it down then there’s no need to post my previous comment.

  4. Milhouse, *David Irving sued her* for defamation after she called him a Holocaust denier. She trounced him in court. Either way, her claim to fame was secured years before. And as for spreading poison, כל הפוסל במומו פוסל.

  5. As much Hakaras Hatov as I have to former President Trump, there is no question that his personality, attitude, and policies enabled many belligerent anti-Semites to forward their agendas.