Lakewood Shomrim Responds to 500+ Calls Over Pesach


Over the course of Pesach 2022, Lakewood Shomrim’s 24-hour patrols were flagged down more than 500 times by individuals and families requiring assistance, and engaged in numerous calls for various resident needs, many of them urgent, including:

• Obtaining urgently needed narcotic medications;
• Providing non-emergency medical transports;
• Assisting in home lockouts;
• Assisting at a house fire on Friday night (first days); and
• Conducting searches for three missing individuals; among
• Numerous other calls, both emergency and non-emergency

Lakewood Shomrim thanked its partners at the Lakewood Police Department and Ocean County Sheriff’s Office for their constant patrols across Lakewood and assistance in responding to and rectifying the numerous situations that arose over the course of Pesach.