Sen. Feinstein’s Failing Memory an “Open Secret” in Washington


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The New York Times reports that Senator Diane Feinstein, 88, is becoming a nuisance to Democrats who are having an extraordinarily difficult time hiding the fact that she is suffering from worsening memory issues.

The Times says Feinstein often struggles to remember the names of her Senate colleagues and forgets conversations or meetings that happened just a short time before, and that she sometimes walks around dazed and confused.

Feinstein’s memory issues are an open secret in Washington, the Times says, but that most lawmakers and aides on Capitol Hill are not ready to acknowledge her memory issues publicly.

Some Democrats, however, have openly said that they trust Feinstein’s abilities, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, who is himself believed by many to be suffering from severe cognitive decline.

Pressed last week on Feinstein, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said: “I’ve had a good number of discussions with Senator Feinstein, but I’m keeping them to myself.”

Feinstein is expected to at least serve out her full term which expires in 2024, and despite growing pressure, she has indicated that she expects to continue serving in the Senate for another term.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)