BLOODLUST: Hamas Leader Told Palestinians to Attack with “Cleavers, Axes, and Knives” – Sweets Handed Out In Gaza [VIDEO]

Leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar (Photo: AP)

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Just days before the deadly terror attack in Elad on Thursday night, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar called on Palestinians to attack Israelis with “cleavers, axes, and knives.”

Eyewitnesses at the Elad terror attack told police that the two terrorists involved in the incident were swinging axes at their victims.

“Whoever does not have a gun should prepare his cleaver, axe, or knife,” Sinwar said in a sickening speech to his supporters last weekend.

In a continuation of Hamas’ twisted ideology, Palestinians handed out sweets to in Gaza as they celebrated the “successful” murder of innocent people on their own land.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Time for Israel to consult with China and learn the “ropes” on how to eradicate potential terrorists and bring terrorism down to minus ZERO using highly sophisticated AI technology and collective punishment as required case by case.

  2. The Palestinians will have nothing to live for once they lose this fight and realize it’s over. Their entire existence and goal is to destroy Israel. When they finally realize that goal is unattainable they will have a crushing identity crisis.