Eida Says ‘No’ to Student Housing on Strauss Street


eidahThe Hadassah Medical Organization has plans to build two housing units to accommodate medical students in the capital. The buildings are planned for Strauss Street, on the border of Meah Shearim. The Eida Chareidis is adamantly opposed to the units, which are intended to provide 78 apartments in two buildings.

They feel that since the majority of the residents will not be frum, the presence of the buildings will present a spiritual danger to community residents. The badatz has already sent a letter to chareidi city councilmen making its position clear, that it remains adamantly opposed to the project.

The letter states the buildings are inappropriate for the area and their presence would result in a significant blow to the character of the community and even result in conflict on weekdays and Shabbos alike.

The Eida is calling on city councilmen to “please act to stop the project”, insisting it will not tolerate construction of buildings intended for non frum men and women. “The buildings will bring pritzus to the community” the letter warns, “not to mention foul language and prohibited sights, chilul Shabbos and more” it continues.

Officials that do not share the Eida’s view or concerns insist the project is going to be built on private land adjacent to other Hadassah academic facilities that also benefit the chareidi community.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. this is an huge challenge to the residents of Meah Shariim, since their adherence to yiddishkeit is based on the garments they wear and speaking only yiddish.

    They should be worried since they have no p’nimius that would enable them to stand up to any conflict. Although the residents look frum and certainly are, inside there is no connection to anything but externalities.

    My heart felt sympathy goes out to them for they might see or hear something that is not externally frum.

  2. Clever idea of the Israeli government. First they acquire land in or near frum communities. THen they move “normal” (meaning secular, anti-hareidim) into the housing. Then they use force to protect their colonists from the hareidi natives. Heh– it worked in America and Australia, and indeed, if you reject the validity of Taanach (Bible) as the hilonim do, the Zionists are classic colonists (with the Hareidim, along with the Arabs, playing the role of the natives).

  3. “the project is going to be built on private land adjacent to other Hadassah academic facilities”

    AND why shouldn’t dormitories be built on private land adjacent to Hadassah hospital facilities??? PERSONALLY there should be less worry for medical students than other rentals that are made on the border of Meah Shearim.

  4. This is an absolutely terrible situation — the Eida should do what they can to stop this. If they fail, then they should definitely move away to an areas that is safer and more kedushadik. I’m sure that if these terrible move in, that they will certainly locate elsewhere.

  5. not one comment of understanding!!
    and this called ahavas yisroel

    everyone has a right to protest even if they don’t own the streets
    and it’s clear that college students would bring harm to any frum neighborhood even those who “officialy” only emphasis “penimius”.

    what hypocrisy!!!

  6. chachamhagadol who said “Every Jew has a right to live in any part of Eretz Yirael. Eida must accept rule of law.”

    1. Taanach said the right of every Jew to live in Eretz Yisrael is based on doing the mitsvos. It is bad enough that the hilonim pollute our land and threaten to bring down the punishment which Taanach clearly states will happen if the Jews of Eretz Yisrael are “off the derekh” of Torah and Mitsvos, but at least let the handful who follow Torah be left alone.

    2. It is the Zionists who proudly reject the rule of law and have been fighting to substitute their “laws” for the laws which Ha-Shem gave us.The Eidah is the only group in Eretz Yisrael that has total belief in rule of law.

  7. But when the Eida moves there own people to an area that borders a pre-existing DL community, as was the case in Beit Shemesh, anyone who opposes them is a racist, right? What about when the Eida newcomers try to impose their views on their neighbors – that’s OK, right? Sending threatening letters to a neighbor whose TV can be seen through their window? Yelling at little girls going to school?

    What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Tell the Eida to be respectful of others, and perhaps then others will be respectful toward them.

    an Israeli Yid

  8. “”Taanach said the right of every Jew to live in Eretz Yisrael is based on doing the mitsvos””

    SO SO TRUE, yet the JUDGE of mitzvoh observance are not us commentators, and as of today Mitzvoh observance included ben adom l’chavaru plus ben adom L’Makom.

  9. Based on what you write here, Akuperma, YOU have no right to live in E”Y and it is a darn good thing you don’t.

    We would not want to pollute E”Y with people who sit on the internet ALL DAY LONG and don’t learn a word of Torah or perform mitzvos.

    Speaking of clever, your method is to ignore my comments hoping that I will simply go away and stop pointing out your hypocrisy. If you think I am going away, you are sadly mistaken.

  10. Yasher Koach “akuperma” for your valuing and spreading Torah values in Klal Yisroel. You are an asset to the Torah community and to Judaism.

  11. yanky55 leave the aka pooka baal teshavooka. he is just a politician without any torah values like the rest of them.
    no reason to get so worked up.

  12. #4 is straight to the point.

    Bottom Line:- When the Chareidim’s children take sick, whom do they expect to turn to for medical expertise? if they don’t want to be involved with medical interns.

    If I were a medical intern being kicked out of Rechov Strauss, I would not wish to render my services to the residents who forced me off Rechov Strauss.