Gender Separation in Tzfas Beis HaChaim in the News


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kA visitor who stopped in the Tzfas beis hachaim explains he was surprised to see the gender separation sign. This led to posting his protest on his Facebook page of “Secular Tzfat Residents” (צפתיים חילוניים) with the caption “While I am not a Tzfas resident I love the city, the view and the mountain air. In an unplanned visit to the cemetery I discovered to my surprise there is gender separation, an entrance for men and another for women. I think someone should turn to the mayor and MKs to do something”.

MyNet adds one city resident who regularly visits the kever of a loved one added “I have learned to live with this, the religious coercion. It’s awful and it must stop”.

Yuval Klil HaChoresh, who runs the Facebook page, comments “This is but another proof of the audacity of some of the chareidim in Tzfas. We must not get used to it again. I think we should and must deal with this. We will check with the relevant enforcement agencies and authorities and turn to them to take care of the matter.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. You can never trust the tziyonim. They want to destroy every aspect of Yiddishkeit.

    Many Beis HaChaim’s have seperate rows of burian for men and seperate for women. It isn’t beyond the Chilonim to dig up the meisim so they can “end the discrimination” by reburying them in mixed gender burials.

  2. Toras Moshe; your lack of knowledge is showing. The vast majority of Botei Olom in the WORLD do NOT have any separate rows for men or women. For some reason, this is a newfound chumroh that has nothing to do with halacha. SO, please keep your chumros to yourself. Incidentally, the writer was taking abot separate ENTRANCES to the Bais olam, another newfangled chumro.

  3. Toras Moshe:
    They are talking about the living visiting kvarim being forced to be gender separated.

    No one is talking about re-burying anyone.

  4. Interesting that your picture is of the mikva in tzifat, not of the cemetery. Why would you do that. I wonder. Either way, I’ve been to many jewish cemeteries and have never seen this. Where is the mikur for it maybe the chilonim are right for once.

  5. Another chumra to to bang people over the head with. This never happened over centuries at any graves in any country of our golus. Ironically, the control freaks are out of conrtol.

  6. I once went to the cemetery in Tzfas on a busy day… I was really surprised about the separate mens and womens sides. You might not believe me, but women could visit half the cemetery, and men the other half. Not each kever accessible for both.