Massive Protest in Kikar Shabbos Over Lag BaOmer Restrictions in Meron [VIDEOS]


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Over 1,000 people took part in a massive protest in Kikar Shabbos against restrictions on Lag BaOmer in Meron on Monday evening.

Chareidim from Yerushalayim have made clear in recent weeks that they do not accept the government’s restrictions on visitors to the kever of Rabi Shimon bar Yochai on Lag BaOmer.

Further protests – and even riots – are expected in Meron this year over the restrictions, imposed by a government commission after the tragic death of 45 people at the site last year.

Israeli Police’s northern commander said his forces are prepared for rioters, and insisted that those who do not have a ticket will not get to the kever.

“We will use the law and a hard hand against those who come to harm and sabotage the revelry – he who does not have a ticket, has nothing to reach the mountain. The number of participants was approved by the engineer in order to prevent another disaster,” he said.

Besides for the protests, chareidim and Satmar chasidim are petitioning the Supreme Court to throw out the restrictions by ruling them illegal and not in the power of the government to impose.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “We will use the law and a hard hand against those who come to harm and sabotage The תורה obligation of ונשמרתם מאד לנפשותיכם

  2. oh
    i was wondering what the smokey smelling chavaya was! but I couldn’t stick around. had to get back to yeshiva for night seder. i thought there were more people than normal in the intersection…

  3. What do they want – another tragedy choliloh? We should be grateful, even if we don’t agree with every detail and should have been included in the planning process. But this is still better than…
    In the end of the day, all the authorities want is to make sure everyone is safe.

  4. These Nazis need to be held accountable for their actions.

    Of course I’m referring to the fake Jew “chassidim “ who think their fake version of the great Jewish religion is real .
    Does anyone on this message board believe in any way shape or form that they are descendants of the chosen people?
    Seriously does anyone here drink that kool aid and believe that at all ?
    If you do you’re a moron.

  5. Calling the soldiers and police Nazis and throwing rocks & garbage at them, really make those so called frum people who involved no better than Palestinians. And then they expect police to risk their lives and save them? Put them together in one jail with Arabs, and keep them until they beg to come out

  6. Perhaps I don’t understand what they’re rioting for because I don’t live there and I don’t experience the daily struggles dealing the the Israeli government. Though I have to say, in consideration of what the government is doing to protect their citizens this year in Meron, I can’t wrap my head around why they’re destroying their own neighborhood to make a point which I guess is beyond me.

  7. Instead of rioting, they should spend their time visiting the families who lost loved ones in the tragedy that took place last year. Maybe then they’ll reconsider. This rioting is not L’shem shamayim.

  8. Chamira sakanta mayisura. Never heard of that? The laws are there to protect and prevent danger. If they had been in place already last year, maybe my great nephew Dovi Steinmetz zichrono livrocho, who died last year in Meron, would still be alive today. Listen to his father on mishpacha

  9. Israelis to government: how could you allow the Meron disaster to happen?
    Also Israelis to government: you have no right to try to prevent a disaster in Meron.
    רק עם וחכם ונבון הגוי הגדול הזה

  10. About 2,000 years ago when we had the Churban Bais HaMikdash, a lot of people were caught and they were taken captive. Please do not fool yourself, many people that got hurt during the years of the siege and the Churban, they looked very similar to the people in these videos. I am sure they wore only black, white shirt, black hat. They looked very very Frum. The people who were actually sitting and learning Torah, most of them survived. If a person does not learn and he is wasting his time with silly demonstrations, do you think that Hashem will protect him just because he is wearing a white shirt, black suit, black hat and black socks?
    A lot of people who looked super Frum (like these videos), they did not do well during the Churban.
    אל תסתכל בקנקן אלא במה שיש בו

  11. Listen up people!
    Have u gone mad?!!! I never condoned the acts of the Zionist government against anyone. They’re bigotry knows no bounds. But wake up!!! If you people cant adhere to safety then THEY have to do the job that YOU will hold them accountable for!
    These protesters have no brain and are making a huge Chilul Hashem. Reb Shimon doesnt need any if u if ONE LIFE IS COMPRISED!
    The police were charged for allowing this monstrosity to happen. These were the accusations. So why dont you people understand that they will do EVERYTHING to prevent the loss of life or people being in harms way. You people cannot understand simple math and it’s extremely unfortunate.

  12. The government always wanted control over rashbi!
    We also know that the police where the one causing the casualties!

    Many video showed a gate let’s not get to this again

    (i know police provided a altered video not showing a gate. But showing a video with no fate doest disappoove a video with out a gate!)

    I just hope they didn’t intentionally do it so they can gain later on (just like they did by not helping Jews during the holcost so they can redeem there blood)
    Like they said rak bdam r’l

  13. I hope everyone who defends the shmad or who criticizes Yiddin for opposing the shmad, I hope all you meshumadim got vaxed out.

  14. Why not stop collecting garbage in kikar hashabos, leave the place a dump, stop running busses thru that neighborhood until this stops??

  15. After the tragedy that occurred last year, Which, honestly, could have occurred in previous years, due to dangerous conditions, dis these people actually expect everything to go back as usual?!?

  16. To Ts Baum:
    Thank you for asking, Rabbi Edelstein is right now either learning, answering questions that are pressing for the moment, advising and helping couples with Shalom Bayis, learning with his grandchildren, preparing Shiur for Tuesday and many more important things that is necessary for the Tzibbur.
    You were right, his eyes (thank God) are not glued to the holy internet. This demonstration is nothing new, it is a continuation from the previous one.

  17. Attention TS Baum:
    If Rabbi Edelstein will say go home and stop rioting, do you sincerely believe that these teenagers are going home???

  18. Hashem Yerachem. Cant they find a safer outlet for their Lag Bomer “fix”. Its not a mitzvah. They are smearing their own reputations as good people.

  19. Reminiscent of those who were rampaging around the golden calf while Moshe was away.
    And for these clowns Moshe is far far away.
    They have absolutely no connection to what was given to us at Sinai!
    A time to put a stop to this purely pagan pyromaniac jamboree!
    What they are doing in Meron has absolutely no basis in authentic Torah Judaism; it is a purely pagan carnival.
    Perhaps that is why we are punished with these tragedies.

  20. I hope @Hakatan doesn’t disown me for this: I believe the State has no authority to impose any of these restrictions because they are an invalid entity. (See below where I have copy-pasted an in-depth explanation I wrote regarding the State’s lack of authority and the rights of its persecuted to protest even when the persecuted are being illogical.) However, that being said – and whether or not their intentions this year are for the best or for control or similar – I believe THAT THE CHAREIDI NEEDS TO SHAMEFACEDLY KEE QUIET AT LEAST THIS YEAR. Regardless off who is right and whose fault it really was… certainly at least a tiny (at least, I say) percentage of the blame lies in our institutions’ irresponsibility – an irresponsibilty that led to the death of 45 heilige Yidden! So we need to shut the hell up for now.
    Here is the copy-paste I mentioned above [written regarding COVID-restrictions (by the way, I have since come to consider all COVID- restrictions to be retarded, but this was then… either way, it has no bearing on our current topic)]:
    I certainly don’t understand why anybody is ignoring the dangers of COVID-19, and I condemn that completely. However, let me give a little background as to why the cops may have been treated the way they were. Please bear with me.

    Sure, you may be thinking, “It’s so rude that they are treating law enforcement like that — and especially when all the cops want is just to save their lives.”

    Well, the truth is that the Zionist regime (along with its police force) treats the Yidden in Meah Shearim like dirt and does not give a damn about them. Indeed, they treat nearly every segment of Eretz Yisroel’s population — especially every religious and/or right-wing segment — like dirt. Please review the hundreds of videos (available on YWN and other sites, both religious and irreligious) which demonstrate this.

    Additionally, the Zionist regime and its police force are illegitimate entities which came into being against the will and advice of nearly — NEARLY — every gadol of the time, and currently continue to be an embarrassment to Judaism in general by virtue of their complete and total flouting of the Torah, publicly, while professing to be a “Jewish” state. They pretend to be the rightful rulers of Eretz Yisroel when in fact they retain absolutely no right to rule; the rightful ruler of Eretz Yisroel is the Torah and its Chachamim, or, as we pray daily, the Melech HaMashiach, ben Dovid himself.

    By contrast, the Yidden living in Meah Shearim are the continuation of a community of G-d fearing Jews dating back well before the establishment of the disgraceful State of Israel.

    Now, think about it from the point of view of the good Yidden in Meah Shearim: Their territory was being overrun by FOREIGN, ILLEGITIMATE security forces WITH ABSOLUTELY NO TRUE AUTHORITY to enter their community and certainly with no authority to enforce any illegitimate laws passed by an illegitimate government. Said illegitimate force was additionally A HATEFUL FORCE THAT CONSTANTLY TREATS THEM LIKE DIRT AND DESPISES THEM.

    To explain: Let’s say that the legal government of the United States decided to completely ignore COVID-19, — and the Canadian government, claiming to merely be altruistically worried about the lives of U.S. citizens, sent the Canadian army to invade the U.S.A. and enforce COVID-19 regulations… while it may be stupid that the legal government of the United States is ignoring COVID-19, the U.S. population would be up in arms about such an invasion — and not merely throw eggs or the like at the Canadian soldiers but actually shoot them all dead until the legal government of the U.S.A. was returned to power.


    This, of course, is all the more true when the illegitimate entity in question demonstrably DOES NOT have good intentions in the first place.

    Attempting to banish the illegitimate police force from its territory was the most understandable, logical, normal action to take — AND WOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN BY ANY SANE PERSON IN THE SAME SITUATION.

    That said, it saddens me tremendously that our fellow Yidden in Meah Shearim are ignoring the dangers of COVID-19. I wish there WAS a legitimate security force that DID have the authority to enforce some form of legitimate COVID-19 regulations in Meah Shearim.

    Alas, earwax.