Gantz Warns: “Israel Will Lose The North & South To The Arabs”

Benny Gantz (Ariel Chermoni/Defense Ministry)

As Arab violence and rampant crime grows increasingly worse over the years, Defense Minister Benny Gantz recently warned that in the future, the Jewish part of Israel will be limited to the center of the country, Yisrael Hayom reported.

In a closed Blue and White meeting last week, Gantz read a Whatsapp message which recently went viral in Israel, containing threats by anonymous Arabs to turn Israel into Palestinian territory. Gantz said that the message “isn’t far from reality” and that he believes that “in a few more years we’ll be in a situation where the Jewish state will be between Gedera and Hadera [an Israeli term for the center of the country].”

The message states: “Keep cursing; you have no chance against Allah. Slowly but surely we are taking bites out of your state. What will you do? This is Palestinian territory in actuality, and the moment one tractor comes – we will use the left-wing organizations such as ‘Peace Now’ and ‘B’Tselem,’ who will go to the country’s true ruler (the Supreme Court) to issue an injunction. We will send children and teenagers to throw stones and barricade themselves in until you scatter away like mice.”

“The Galil, with the grace of Allah, will also be ours soon. We are buying one dunam [0.2 acres] from the [Israel Land Authority] for 50,000 shekels [$14,677] while the Jew buys [one dunam] for 1,150,000 shekels [$337,577]. Already today, we are 85% of the population of the Galil and are quickly seizing control, building homes on every corner without permits. Who’s going to do anything about it? The Jews who live in the Galil all flee to the center of the country because they suffer from harassment, violence on the roads, organized gang crime, shootings, theft, and robbery.”

“The government tells you that the Galil and Negev are Jewish; I tell you that in reality, this is Palestinian territory. Any new business in the Negev is paying us a protection tax, no neighborhood will be built without paying protection.”

The statements in the above message are not an exaggeration as the north and south, especially the south, has turned into the “Wild West” in recent years.

Almost 300,000 Bedouins live in the Negev and the area is rife with lawlessness, warring tribes, drugs, illegal weapons, protection rackets and stabbings. The Bedouins smuggle billions of shekels of drugs into Israel every year from the Sinai and also earn ample income from the protection money they demand from all business in the area – located only several miles from Be’er Sheva, Israel’s eighth most populous city.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. One thing I know for sure. When people get along with each other and there is no inside fighting among families and no fighting among the members of your Shul, then you can all relax, you will not need to pay even 1 dollar for protection. Hashem will protect you for free like in the days of King Achav.

  2. I wish I could could avoid paying an exorbitantly inflated price to exploitative shameless developers on my real property ancestral heritage portion in Yisroel… Also wish I could build my own house without needing a permit from the maffia regime or else face violent eviction and a demolition… Since I can’t, and since the medinah tortures God-fearing Yiddin in places like the Russian Compound, and since the medinah parades abominations through the streets of Yerushalaim, and since the medinah tricked the masses to ruin their genes permanently, and for a whole host of similar reasons, I guess I’ll just sit at a distance and watch Arabs take over the north and south. Oh well. I’m grateful I’m no longer exposed to harm there from magav or whatever. No Arab ever injured me. Whoever merits merits. I trust the righteous will enjoy the produce of the land there like the days of Heaven on Earth. The Arabs seem to enjoy the land a lot more than Yiddin can. Thank the medinah.

  3. This is real good news. Time to give back the state to our Palestinian neighbors and shut down the isrealy nazi anti-Jewish government.

  4. This is all politics. Gantz knows better!
    In reality Israel has full control within its borders. So what if 85% of the Galil belongs to Arabs its still Israeli territory. The Arabs living there pay tax to Israel, and are under full Israeli control. If Arabs are extorting businesses there for “protection money” let them file a complaint to the proper Israeli authorities. So what if 300,000 Bedouins live in the Negev they are living in sovereign Israeli territory. Its like if you have a Arab neighborhood in the USA does that make it an Arab country? Its like “Chinatown” in Brooklyn NY is that part of China? Its like if you would have a Russian neighborhood with the Russian mafia extorting businesses for protection money.
    Everyone relax! Israel is not going anywhere. It is not getting any smaller. on the contrary, It is getting stronger as the years go by. They are the envy of the entire middle-east.

  5. @SfaradiGamur
    Watch your language.
    I feel your pain..but the isrealy government will soon be destructed. It’s in our prayers