Teacher Suspended After Giving Out Worksheet Comparing Barack Obama to Monkeys

(Alyssa Pointer/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP, Pool)

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A school for gifted children in Michigan has suspended a teacher after she gave her students a worksheet that implied a resemblance between former President Barack and Obama and monkeys.

The worksheet asked students to find primates among pictures of all kinds of animals, and between two photos of monkeys was no other than Barack Obama, the first person of color to become president of the United States.

The Roeper high school’s administration said the teacher was distraught after being made aware of the worksheet’s contents and “almost beating herself up, because she said, ‘How did I miss this?'”

In an apology letter to parents, the school wrote: “The choice to use this piece of curriculum was completely inconsistent with our School’s philosophy and mission and we sincerely apologize for its use and the harm it has caused.”

The school noted that the teacher had taken responsibility for the worksheet, but “we know that is not enough,” and they have therefore placed her on administrative leave “until further notice.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Help me here…please…
    Is not this thire theory of Evolution???
    Why is Barack’s picture here any more/less offensive than Patrick Ewing or Denzel Washington..

  2. Contrary to Darwin’s theory (or whoever it was) that people descend from monkeys. in reality, monkeys descend from people!
    [At least some do – there is a discussion as to whether ALL monkeys descend from people or only some of them, but that is beyond the scope of this post.]
    See Gemoro Sanhedrin 109a, that in the dor Haflogo, (the tower of Babel) some people were punished by becoming monkeys!

  3. There are some details missing here.

    Did this worksheet imply any comparison between him and monkeys, or did it just ask “find the monkeys among everything on this sheet”?

    Also, it sounds like teacher didn’t realize that the worksheet had this content. So, if she takes responsibility and apologizes for not scrutinizing outside materials before using them, why is that “not enough”? Because of leftist woke ideology?

  4. I remember when Bush (the son) was president and there were all sorts of monkey references made about him.

    There was an assortment of him making various facial expressions along with with a monkey (or ape) making the same face.

    It’s interesting that such implicit inferences were considered par for the course.

    Interesting to contrast the cases.

  5. @Kach you’re missing the point. You think the comparison is about him being black, whereas actually it’s about his behavior!

  6. Well, if monkeypox was part of his agenda and he was working behind the scenes for this small pox lab slip…then maybe the comparison of an animal in the form of a monkey not that far off.