SNOWFLAKES: New York Cancels History Regents Because of “Trauma Potential”


The New York State Department of Education sent a letter to school administrators Tuesday notifying them that a new Regents exam scheduled for next week has been canceled due to contents that could cause trauma in the wake of the Buffalo mass shooting.

The United States History and Government (Framework) Regents Exam had been scheduled to be given next Wednesday, June 1st. But the Education Department determined that this particular test “has the potential to compound student trauma caused by the recent violence in Buffalo.”

DOE Commissioner Better Rosa said in the letter to school administrators that “it is not possible” to create a new test or change the current content so soon before the test’s schedule date, and it is therefore being canceled completely.

A DOE spokesperson didn’t say what exactly was in the test that would have the potential to traumatize students.

Students who were scheduled to take the exam will receive an exemption for graduation, meaning that it shouldn’t delay anyone from high school on time with a Regents diploma. The BOE will also formally ask the Board of Regents to provide exemptions for students who were planning to take the test in August 2022 and January 2023.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Just in case you thought that Department of Education’s attacks against yeshivos or because they really care about education… here you go. They don’t give a hoot.

  2. Do we really need to use “snowflakes” in connection to something CURRENTLY HAPPENING where FOURTEEN KIDS WERE KILLED???

  3. Yes, we do need to use “snowflakes” for anyone who could not take a history exam because it would be “triggering”.