Israeli Car With Toddler Inside Stolen, Found In Arab Village

IDF soldier with the toddler after he was rescued from an Arab village. (IDF)

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Israel Police and the IDF launched an emergency operation on Shabbos afternoon to locate a stolen car with a one-and-a-half-year-old toddler inside.

A family from Rosh HaAyin had stopped at a rest stop on Route 6 near Wadi Ara in northern Israel when the incident occurred.

“We were returning from a trip and stopped to rest at a rest stop,” the father told Channel 12 News. “The baby finally fell asleep so we decided to leave the car running and let him sleep. We sat at a table next to the car. I left for a moment to take my middle child to the bathroom and apparently the thief noticed that I left.”

With the father occupied, the Arab got in the car and began driving away with the baby inside. In the video below, the father can be seen trying to chase after the car with his baby inside.

The parents quickly called the police and a large number of police and IDF forces arrrived at the scene and quickly set up roadblocks in the area. They located the car via technological means in the Palestinian village of Far’un in the Tulkarem area and quickly sped to the area.

Fortunately, the security forces found the car within a few minutes and returned the toddler, who was unharmed, to the grateful arms of his parents.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. you might feel the need to post this story, but no importance to mention “We were returning from a trip and stopped to rest at a rest stop….”

    THEY WERE BEING MECHALEL SHABBOS!! OBV there is no shemira

  2. R R R
    Forget yiu and yiur “ideals”!
    The fact that A JEWISH CHILD was in mortal danger doesn’t mean ANYTHING to you!
    All YOU care about, is spewing how morally wrong the parents were!
    Last time I checked, Rabbi Akiva didn’t grow up religious either!

  3. Kach: Rabbi Akiva grew up very religious – there are proofs from the gemoro. He just grew up an am ho’oretz. That would translate nowadays into a very sincere, but unlearned Jew.
    Of course it is of paramount importance to mention the fact that they were being mechallel Shabbos.
    Of course, i would have done anything to save the kids life, OR that of the parents, despite the fact that they were Mechallel Shabbos, but the facts remain, they were mechallel Shabos and there is not Shemimra. They hopefully will learn their lesson.