Singer Yoni Z Injured in Scooter Accident in Rome


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Popular singer Yoni Z (Zeigelbaum) was hospitalized after being involved in an accident in Rome while riding a Vespa scooter.

Yoni was in Rome to promote his new music album, where he was scheduled to remain for just 24 hours before continuing on to Israel.

His brother initially wrote on an Instagram Post that Facebook that the singer is in stable condition but suffered 7 fractures throughout his body.

On Sunday morning, an update was posted which read “Baruch Hashem, Yoni is in COMPLETELY stable condition! There seem to have been media outlets that misspoke. The doctors are absolutely certain he will God willing make a full recovery. Our family and Yoni cannot thank everyone enough for the tremendous support and continue to keep him in your tefilos. Thank you!”

Please have Yonatan ben Sigalit in your tefillos.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Lesson for all of us:- Never take Travel insurance lightly, and NEVER travel without good travel Insurance coverage,

    רפואה שלימה והחלמה גמורה , and יום-ירושלים שמח to everyone

  2. Lesson for all of us:

    You do your hishtadlus and Hashem runs the world always and you don’t know where and when you’ll be somewhere you don’t want. Just keep thanking and remembering that every step and second is a gift and you’re alive cuz Hashem wants you to be and the situation you’re in was and is tailored made just for you. Yes exactly every single thing what happens Hashem made that for you and it’s up to you to learn from it and grow or chas vashalom just be upset and down and lost…….