OUTRAGE: Huge PLO Flag Displayed In Heart Of Israel


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Israelis on Wednesday were shocked to see a giant PLO flag hanging next to an Israeli flag on a high-rise building on the Ayalon Highway near the Israel Diamond Exchange District in Ramat Gan, under the caption: “We are meant to live together.”

The flag was put up by the far-left Michzakim organization in protest of the coalition’s instruction to allow its members free choice in choosing how to vote on the law filed by Likud banning PLO flags at educational institutions. The law was filed in response to demonstrations held by Arab students, some waving PLO flags, at Israeli universities on “Nakba Day” last week.

Outraged Israelis responded on social media with photos depicting terror attacks and lynchings, with the same caption: “We are meant to live together.”

Others sarcastically commented that the Israeli flag next to the PLO flag should be hung in Arabs towns and villages. “We’ll see how long they’ll stay there until the entire building turns into dust,” one social media user wrote. “There will only be peace when the other side wants peace.”

The Likud party wrote: “What we warned about during elections is happening today on Ayalon.” Opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu demanded that the mayor of Ramat Gan “take immediate action to remove this disgrace today.”

Ramat Gan Mayor Carmel Shama wrote on his Facebook page that the sign was hung by an advertising company and although it is legally permissible, he feels that it is hurtful to many residents and may provoke extremist acts. “According to professional security officials, there is a concern for public order and the safety of the building and surroundings and therefore until further assessment, the building is required to post a guard by the sign around the clock,” he stated. “If the sign remains there, it will not remain alone and the municipality will hang huge flags of the State of Israel around it as well as flags saluting the IDF, the Shin Bet, Israel Police, and Border Police.”

A Chareidi reporter took advantage of the situation to poke fun at Finance Minister Avigdor Leiberman, as seen in the photo below:

By early Wednesday afternoon, the public outrage made its mark and the organizers of the campaign made a decision to remove the PLO flag, as can be seen in the video below:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. karlbenmarx:
    It’s not only Zionism’s “lifestyle” that is anti-Torah; Zionism itself is inherently anti-Torah. Unfortunately, the “Religious Zionists” keep this idol of Zionism very much “alive”; they are the greatest Zionists of all.

  2. There are a lot of good comments, but at the core, it is a primarily a flag of hate, and just as other flags of hate get banned, why should this one be paraded in such a way?
    Why use a flag of hate to promote coexistance? Has that ever worked?

  3. We’re smarter than that. Leave the thing up! It’s frivolous: it means nothing! If the world will thus see Israel as peaceful because of it, לא נורא. Who cares that it is up!