Christie: I Was Misled About Lane Closures


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chrisNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says that a top aide misled him about her role in apparent political retribution against a town mayor and that he knew nothing about the situation.

Emails and text messages released Wednesday link Christie aides and political appointees to traffic jams in a town in September that appear to have been engineered as political payback.

Christie said in a statement several hours later that the behavior is inappropriate and that staffers will be held responsible.

The messages are the clearest sign yet that Christie aides were involved in closing access lanes in the town of Fort Lee to a heavily trafficked bridge. They contradict Christie’s earlier assertions on the closures, when he denied that they were punitive and said his staff was not involved.



  1. The inmates are running the asylum. The Port Authority is so corrupt thru & thru, they don’t know their head from their toes! The bigger crime over here, is, why hasn’t the Port Authority (both NY & NJ) responded and cooperated with the lawsuit being brought by the AAA? The PA has illegaly raised (and continues to raise) the tolls on their bridges & tunnels without any legal justification! The AAA has documents proving that the money was used for the World Trade Center reconstruction and NOT to repair bridges & tunnels! The corrupt thugs that run the PA have been stonewalling & covering up at every turn.
    This story about closing lanes for political collateral fits perfectly with corruption that defines the Port Authority of NY & NJ!
    Way to go Christie! You learnt well from your buddies, Holder & Obama!