OUT FOR BLOOD: This Is The Man Who Wants “Israelis Killed At All Costs”

Hussein Tayeb, the head of the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Organization.

Iran has ordered Iranian terror squads in Turkey to kill Israelis at all costs, Israeli security officials have warned.

“The Iranians are in chaos and under extreme pressure. They want to see Israeli blood being shed and therefore whoever is in Istanbul is risking his life,” an official said.

Israeli intelligence forces have identified Hussein Tayeb, the head of the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Organization in Iran as the head of the effort to murder Israelis in Turkey.

According to intelligence reports, Tayeb is out for blood as some Iranian security officials are demanding his removal in the wake of a series of assassinations of Iranian officials that he failed to prevent.

The reports describe Tayeb’s behavior in recent days as that of a wounded animal, who out of fear of his dismissal is frantically trying to perpetrate attacks against Israelis in Turkey or elsewhere.

According to a Channel 12 News report, Ayeb is known for his extreme behavior and will not hesitate to use any means to accomplish what he wants.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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    To kill it, you must cut off ALL its heads and burn its neck!
    Kill as many as possible in one shot, and hunt down the rest using ANY MEANS NECESSARY!
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  2. You’re supposed to fear that guy cuz he looks way scary in his photo op holding a halal phone probably calling for an attack on Yiddin or something, but the main thing is that you’re supposed to look towards the medinah to protect you from that really scary man, okay? Okay? Do you understand what you’re supposed to do? You’re supposed to trust the medinah to keep you safe from that bad scary man.