More NJ Officials Could Get Subpoenas on Gridlock


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gwbNew Jersey lawmakers plan to keep pressing for answers on the role that politics played in the closing of lanes leading to one of the world’s busiest bridges, which caused massive traffic jams.

Incoming Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto says he will convene a special session of the Legislature on Thursday to vote on extending the investigation that has already revealed that high-ranking officials in Gov. Chris Christie’s administration were involved in ordering the closures. The scandal threatens to undermine Christie’s second term and his chances at a presidential run in 2016.

Christie has apologized but denied involvement. He has fired a top aide and cut ties with a campaign adviser. A key lawmaker said last week that both could receive subpoenas soon.

Christie is to deliver his State of the State address Tuesday.



  1. IMHO, this Christie scandal is heavenly payback for his evil persecutions of innocent Rabbis when he served as U.S. attorney.

    You may recall that Christie set up Duweck to entrap innocent Jews into helping him survive financially. He was wearing a “wire” to record their activities.

    After begging these innocent jews for help Duweck then turned around and handed them over to Christie for prosecution.

    These Jews had no intention of doing any crimes at all. They were intentionally trapped by Christie into technical violations of the law by a scoundrel who pleaded for help from his fellow Jews.

    “Cast thy bread upon the water, and they will be returned to you a hundredfold.”