CIVIL WAR? Many Americans Ready to Take Up Arms Against Government

(AP Photo/Haven Daley, File)

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Ready for a civil war? Many Americans say they are. More than a quarter of Americans in a new poll say they’re ready to fight the federal government with lethal weapons.

The poll, conducted by the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, found that 28% of Americans say that it may “soon be necessary to take up arms” against the government.

A majority of Americans – both Republicans and Democrats – said they believe the government is “corrupt and rigged against everyday people like me.”

Additionally, over 70% of both Republicans and Democrats say the other party “are generally bullies who want to impose their political beliefs on those who disagree,” and 49% said they  “more and more feel like a stranger in my own country.”

In all, 33% of Republicans, 35% of independents, and 20% of Democrats say it may soon be time for them to take down the U.S. government.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”
    T. Jefferson

  2. Absurd for several reasons. First, the “Red-Blue” divide is not geographic. The “red” states all have significant pockets of “blue”, and vice versa. Second, almost all “blues” object to private ownership of firearms and as such they would be helpless in an armed conflict with the “reds”. Thirdly, unlike 1860 when the United States had virtually no military, the USA today has a large well organized army that will not be amused if anyone tries a putsch. Also, in 1860 the largest weapon was a canon with limited range – otherwise the army consisted exclusively of infantry and people riding horses. A modern military today has aircraft and rockets with unlimited range, meaning there is no way a private group could compete.

    What might be true is a growing number of people don’t trust the government and fear they might need to defend themselves against police try to round them for “reeducation”. This is largely due to sensationalist news media, and especially ones such as YWN.

  3. If they take down the government Social Security and Medicare benefits would end, the USDA would no longer ensure drug safety and the air traffic controllers wouldn’t be paid. Who would take over? Alex Jones, Roger Stone and the Proud Boys?

  4. If Dems keep pushing, it will happen. One sure way to trigger a civil war is to try confiscating people’s guns, as prominent Dems keep threatening. Swalell and O’Rourke in particular. Most patriotic Americans say “molon labe”. And if war breaks out on that issue, the outcome shouldn’t be hard to predict — one side has all the guns! And most of the army and police will obey their oath to defend the constitution, by joining the rebels.

  5. This government needs to be held a accountable, they haven’t don’t a single thing to help the average American, Pelosi says thay Biden isn’t getting enough credit…. Credit for what?
    All he says in whispers “I understand”. But never said a word about his policy to help Americans. His only clear policy was when he canceled the keystone XL pipeline

  6. Perfect timing for this article.

    Just remember the wisdom of On ben Peles’ wife:

    Whether the elephants or the donkeys are in control will not change things for the sheep.

  7. Just vote these extreme Dems out. Wake up my fellow Jews, wake up! They’re using you just like they have been using the minorities. Once it becomes a one party system it will be irreversible then whatya gonna do? Then they’ll drop you like a sac of potatoes!

  8. Take down the government? If anything, the immoral traitorous lying adulterer already started that.
    History already demonstrated what happens to rebels.

  9. Don’t take it out on the Govt. , you don’t want to hurt or kill any law enforcement, we need them, but always be prepared & legally armed for when the savages come for you or your family.

  10. And who of those polled can explain the nuts and bolts of how, exactly, that’s supposed to be done? Things have changed just a wee bit since 1860.

  11. And believe you me, its inevitable and coming.
    The over 150 million well armed patriotic and loyal Americans, will NOT sit by and watch how their beloved country, is systematically being dismantled and destroyed by the filthy TREASONOUS Marxist DemonRats.
    Who want to fundamentally change the U.S into another third world Socialist hell hole ala a Venezuela.
    When that happens we can be sure that their furry will be pointed especially towards the Jews, and in particular against the secular leftist atheistic Godless Jews, who are the backbone of the socialist treasonous DemonRat party.
    Unfortunately the far right blames those Jews (and rightfully so) for the moral and political collapse of the U.S.
    They blame the thousands of Jewish Marxist professors in our colleges and universities who have for the last fifty years systematically brainwashed and poisoned the minds of their students with a pathological and insane hatred for their own country, and turned a lot of them into bona fide Marxist’s.
    They blame Hollywood and Major media, which is heavily represented by Jews, for the moral collapse of the nation.
    Unfortunately they will not differentiate between a good religious Jew who voted Republican or a secular one.
    Both of us will be hanging from the gallows or marched in front of a firing squad.
    anyone with a keen sense of history, should be able to hear the whistles of the cattle car trains.

    My friend, the handwriting is on the wall for all to see, we must start packing our bags and buying a one way ticket to our God given Eretz Yisroel.
    Unlike some 80 years ago, now we thank God have where to go.
    Let’s do it while we can and before it’s too late

  12. “We must start packing our bags and buying a one way ticket to our G-d given Eretz Yisroel”
    This fearmongering is pointless.
    Al pi teva, there no safe place for us in the world. Eretz Yisroel is not any more stable (politically, economically, and in security) than America (al pi teva).
    We didn’t end up in chutz la’aretz by mistake. Hashem put us here for a master plan of uplifting every part of the world and making it ready for the Geula.
    We must do our shlichus wherever Hashem chose that we should end up, and rely on Hashem for His protection.
    When our mission is complete, Hashem will send Moshiach to take us back to Eretz Yisroel.

  13. Chugibugi, have you been to the Middle East recently? Between an incompetent, anti-Semitic government and bloodthirsty terrorists all over, our Israeli brothers and sisters are not faring any better than us Americans.

  14. I agree with chugibugi,

    civil war/economic-collapse/chaos/civil-unrest in the U.S. seems inevitable, and unfortunately the trend is that antisemitism will only increase. It’s time for frumme yidden living in America to seriously consider moving to Eretz Yisrael before the inevitable chaos unfolds.