Man Tries To Stab Dushinsky Rebbe, Stabs 2 Chassidim [Video]

Dushinksy Rebbe (Photo: Shuki Lehrer)

A frightening scenario occurred over Shabbos in the Beis Medrash of the Dushinky chassidus on Rechov Shmuel Hanavi in Jerusalem.

The incident began on Shabbos afternoon when the Dushinsky Rebbe went out and a secular man who lives nearby ran after him with a large knife, saying: “Where’s the Rav?”

The man was reportedly upset about an altercation between some children of the chassidus and his niece.

The man then returned to find the Rebbe at Maariv time. He tried to enter the Beis Medrash and when chassidim prevented him from entering, he stabbed two of them. Baruch Hashem, they were only lightly injured.

Police were called to the scene and arrested the man and his wife, who had accompanied him to the scene.

The suspect has a history of physical and mental illness.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This is incredibly scary. I’m personally related to the Dushinsky rebbi. He’s the nicest man ever and cares about anyone and everyone. There is so many stories of the rebbi helping out strangers. This is a crazy story. Bh my great uncle is alive.

  2. The Rebbe shlit”a is recgonised as an odom godoil and a very warm person.

    Even people well to his “left” participate in the dushinsky simchas, despite his “hardline” eida HaChareidis approach.

    This fool seems to have blamed the rebbe for his altercation with young members of his community. Typical and tragic sinas chinam

  3. The man obviously needs help, and I suspect that the Rebbe, who is indeed an extremely nice man, will do everything he can to make sure the man does get help. And I suspect the members of the chassidus, all of the ones I know are very fine people, will look hard for things they have to do teshuva about.

  4. @anano: jayD doesn’t think that terrorists have their side of the story too, he is a Palestinian troll who thinks that the terrorists are ALWAYS right!

    Some JayD quotes:
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    Great thanks to JayD for making YWN more diverse by bringing the Palestinian side of things.

    P.S. Notice that he’s even makpid not to chas v’shalom spell the word Israel properly! lol