WATCH: PM Lapid Meets With Macron Who Calls Iran Deal “A Good Deal”

Photos: YouTube screenshot; Amos Ben-Gershon/GPO

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Prime Minister Yair Lapid traveled to Paris on Tuesday in his first foreign visit since he entered office last week.

Prior to boarding the flight on Tuesday morning, Lapid Lapid spoke about the need for the Lebanese government to restrain Hezbollah attacks “before we’re forced to do it ourselves.”

“Multiple attacks were carried out against Israeli gas rigs,” he said. “Israel will not accept this kind of aggression against its sovereignty and whoever carries it out must know that they’re taking a risk.”

France has a particular influence on its former colony Lebanon.

Lapid also spoke about the need to thwart Iranian aggression and the “dangerous Iran deal.”

However, after arriving in Paris, Macron called the 2015 nuclear a “good deal,” telling Lapid: “We must preserve the nuclear deal and take into consideration the interests of our regional partners like Israel. It’s our obligation to ensure the security of Israel.”

Macron also expressed his view that Lapid can revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, saying that he believes that Lapid “could be the historical figure to launch the process that’s been on hold for so long.”

Lapid is returning to Israel on Tuesday night.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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