Finally, a Coalition is Formed in Betar Illit


rubenBetar Illit Mayor Rabbi Meir Rubinstein has finally succeeded in closing the deal and forming a coalition government. As per the agreements reached, a number of deputy mayors will be appointed in the next city council meeting and persons will be assigned the various city portfolios. Rabbi Yitzchak Ravitz will become a deputy mayor for Degel Hatorah and Rabbi Yehuda Ovadei will serve as a deputy mayor for Shas.

Mayor Rubinstein expressed delight over reaching agreement and forming a coalition that he is confident will serve the needs of the city’s residents. Ravitz praised Rubinstein for his willingness to work as a team and Ovadei gave his congratulatory statement, also confident the new team will continue working harmoniously to build the Torah city.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. All appears so wonderful, yet the police have taken the city computers and computers of various rabbis in Beitar and said that charges are pending against the mayor and the various rabbis in Beitar for among other things, kidnapping, illegal confinement, fraud, theft, and a host of other charges. And when Rubenstein was arrested he openly and strongly asserted that he was doing what he is proud of, including paying the Hadad brothers to head the beat’m up squad. Nissim Hadad is out of jail now but not talking, perhaps he made a deal with the police, and Avraham Hadad divorced his wife, ask him yourself why, you might not believe it otherwise. So daily life in Beitar is more peaceful not only because a few have been in jail and others are to face charges, but also because the “rabbis” in charge of the vaad ecluse are behaving better now, not because they desire to, but out of fear of going to jail.