Dozens Of IDF Drones Patrol Gaza Skies To “Hunt” Islamic Jihad Squads

Illustrative. IDF spokesperson

The IDF imposed a closure along the Gaza border for the third day in a row on Thursday due to continued fears of a retaliatory attack by the Islamic Jihad terror group following the arrest of a commander overnight Monday.

According to intelligence findings, there is a possibility of an imminent attack by Islamic Jihad terror cells against soldiers or civilians near the border.

The Israeli Air Force has deployed dozens of reconnaissance and armed drones and jets over Gaza to patrol the skies and gather intelligence and attack squads that may launch anti-tank missiles and rockets.

Additionally, IDF forces are deployed by the border to prevent the infiltration of terrorists.

According to a report by the Palestinian Al-Quds newspaper on Wednesday, Israel has denied several demands that Islamic Jihad made via Egyptian mediators.

The terror group demanded access to detained PIJ commander Bassem al-Saadi by his family members and that Israel end its counterterrorism operations in the Jenin area, where al-Saadi resides.

Additionally, Islamic Jihad is demanding the release of Khalil al-Awada, a terror operative who is currently on a hunger strike in an Israeli prison.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)